Malaska Golf // Left Arm Motion – Full Swing – Left hand vs. right hand

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I get a lot of questions about whether your right “throw' or left arm are the dominant in the golf swing. The answer is that it depends on where you're most comfortable. I've been on both sides in my career.

As long as you know how your hands work through the golf swing, you can get a gauge on which one has the right feel for your swing.

Don't just play golf. Understand it. Watch the complete series at


tommiekinz says:

A lot of words. Not much substance

Craig Clemans says:

Lefthanded playing righthanded.

Jacob R says:

Not sure I see his math here. I love his principles and philosophies but with this particular idea it doesn't really make sense. When you get into the delivery position and as he says you don't want to be pulling the club but angular momentum will fling the club out to the ball. It's not as if the club stays late like baseball. Because you're at an angle the club will go down to the ball if you just keep turning.

Aiman S. says:

I am a lefty and just started to learn golf. I am trying to learn to play using right hand set and I am struggling with face control since my dominant hand is left. But I feel quite comfortable using RH golf set. Any advise?

crimn says:

How come when I try it , it feels like I'm coming over the top

Paul Lee says:

Oui monsieur

Pieter Janse Van Rensburg says:

I am a disabled golfer playing with one arm. I still have my left arm and play right handed. I fade 60% of my shots and think this is something to think about and try. So far I lost some distance hitting like this but more accurate. I guess it is not to bad because I still hit my 7 iron 150 meters if I strike it well

Willem Haifetz-Chen says:

He is right

David Walls says:

I have been losing the ball to the right for a few years. You just showed me why–and, how to fix it.
Thank you.

Jetski Mike says:

Started with right now I'm left. Came here to see which one is correct 😆

Andy Thomas says:

This gentleman talks a lot of common sense. I've been fighting an open club face so long and he just explained why using one arm. Many thanks.

armike234 says:

Excellent. I don't really miss the ball anymore. I played for a very long time "flipping" and was a zero handicapper. Now I shoot under par more often than not and my bad rounds are 74 to 77 and it is NEVER because I striked the ball bad. It's because the "game" got the best of me. Missed puts bad breaks and loss of concentration!

Matt B. says:

You teach very simple approaches. Good stuff.

John J says:

@3:27 I could almost hit it that good with both hands

Luis Ramirez says:

This guy has the talent of didactics.

Phil McLeod says:

Question – so if I am rotating my left arm as you outline and the club face if too closed – resulting in pull hooks -I need to weaken my grip – correct? (Assuming I am out letting my trail shoulder come out and getting over the top)

graham jones says:

The point to take from this video is Mike keeps referring to the left arm not hand ie its a rotation using the whole arm as i throwing a frisbee or tennis backhand not just the left hand as in table tennis.

Moses Tsietso says:

I have been struggling with the power on my swing thank for helping me

John Browning says:

the left arm pulling against your side works IF you pull it against your side right near impact, then it will come closer to your left oblique

Fake Ass 50 Million Dollar Offer says:

Yeah discovering that. Probably feel the left arm controlling takeaway and then right arm more dominant in downswing.

Paul Noonan says:

I recently posted a skeptical assessment of Mike’s method. However, once I had a chance to go to the range and play a couple of rounds, I am striking the ball so much better. Irons are going a little further and straighter. Hybrids and fairway woods have improved as well. Driver is not quite there yet but it’s getting close. Thanks Mike

billyburroo says:

u make so much sense by a simple motion that is unbelievably hard to do well

Jacob Welp says:

The moment Mike hits the ball with his left hand only 3:29 was magic for me. I grew up playing baseball and had a tough time rotating (supinating) my left arm during my golf swing so I would hit these big slice/shanks out to the right. If more golfers took the time to swing the club with each arm individually and got the feel for how they move separately, I think would be a great help.

Paul Nosworthy says:

My handicap has gone from 22 to 8 in six months using your methodology. I don’t use a driver anymore as 5 wood club head speed is now consistent at 110 and 6 iron at 90. I am still improving as the concept works really well with the short game. I play twice a week and started to take a 9 iron of the tee to give a more challenging second shot.

Thanks a million Mike really enjoying them (and taking the money)………..I am 62 so happy days

Kai Harness says:

Pulling the left can work but its a pull down from the top and rotate the forearm, not pull through the hitting zone.

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