Left Handed Golf Tip | Why Most Left Handed Golfers Slice

In this video golf tip, Australian PGA Golf Professional. Brian Fitzgerald “The Golf Doctor” shows you the reason why most left handed golfers slice the golf ball.

This tip also applies to right handed golfers but in reverse.
So why do most left handed golfers seem to slice the ball.
Well. I've got a theory.
Particularly in Australia where we play a lot of cricket & I am a right handed person.
I am very right handed.
Yet when I play cricket. I play cricket left handed.
Now you are batting correctly when you play cricket & you are batting left handed and if you are batting correctly you are going to have your right hand in control.
So your right hand is the strong one.
So when I played cricket and I didn't play cricket at a very high level it was mostly school boy cricket.
I was really weak hitting it over to the right or the on side. I was pretty strong on the off side. And that's because my right hand was always dominating.
If you are a left handed golfer but your dominant hand is your right hand.
Your right hand is basically going to be pulling that club down & as soon as I start pulling that club down you can see that the clubface is pointing out to the left. Which is open. Which is going to impart spin that goes right to left. Which is a slice.
So what I used to practice every single week was trying to hit some shots upside down with my club.
So at first I thought this was pretty easy. I am a left handed cricketer. But it was actually hard because my right hand still wanted to do that.
So I will try and hit my right handed 7 iron. The hardest thing here is to not let my right hand work that way.
I actually feel like I am hitting a back hand at table tennis or tennis and I am getting my right hand to do that.
That will help square the club up.
But I could do that pretty consistently. But most importantly, the ball spun left to right. Which was a little draw.
So the things that you can do away from the course that's going to help you if you are in this situation is start brushing your teeth left handed.
If you walk the dog. Hold the lead in your left hand as you walk the dog.
Start throwing the ball left handed.
Drink cups of tea, coffee, wine, whatever it is left handed.
Grab a sandwich from the plate left handed.
It's not really to make your left hand stronger.
It's to improve the link between the brain and your left hand.
Because if you are a right dominant person the link between the your brain and your right hand is very strong and the signal between the left and the brain isn't as strong.
So if you can do those things away from the golf course. it will make it a lot easier when you get to the course.
And as I said if you are right dominant. just feel like you are throwing the frisbee right handed. Or hitting a back hand. All of those things help.

So there is something you can do if you are a right dominant person playing left handed. You can stop slicing the ball. By following those few simple drills.
So do things left handed as much as you can. Even if you stop at a set of traffic lights in the car.
While the lights are red. Get your imaginary table tennis bat out and hit some forehands with your left hand, swap over and hit some imaginary back hands and we put it together and we have got a golf swing.

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12 thoughts on “Left Handed Golf Tip | Why Most Left Handed Golfers Slice

  1. Thanks for this, I'm going to attempt to do all basic tasks left handed and also some not so basic , this slice mainly with the driver is making golf harder than it already is!

  2. Thanks for the video. I just began golfing this month. I'm right-handed for everything except I golf lefty (baseball batting and hockey too). I have a very wicked right-to-left slice but almost exclusively when using my driver. It happens much less frequently when using irons/woods/hybrids. I'm still new, so it might just be a matter of form or posture but it is such a drastic slice I would have to turn 45 degrees+ to fix it!

  3. For lefties, the wrong club path (which also pulls the face open) is the reason they slice. Not this whole dominant arm thing. They need to swing inside out, instead of outside in. The two diagonal tee setup will fix that slice within minutes.

  4. I'm a left hander….
    so my right arm is not the dominant arm. but I still slice.. you basically saying in video that left handers are right hand dominant….unless I'm hearing it wrong

  5. thanks for this vid, im right handed for everything except cricket and golf. i've suspected this for a fair while now as i played a lot of cricket at a fsirly high level as a youngster. i have trouble with the slice and while i've improved it still pops up some days and feel like my right hand is playing a cover drive therefore opening the club face. this is mostly with the driver. going to start your tips a use left hand more and see how it goes.

  6. Bloke I'm mixed I write, play golf and bat left handed but bolwe, throw, catch right handed,
    I feel the right side is stronger but left i have better balance and yes I'v had massive slicing issue's in the past what you say makes a lot of sense.

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