TaylorMade TP5 — Real Golfers. Blank Balls. Clear Results.

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Wisconsin Golf says:

0:44 they said good shot as he hit it

Wisconsin Golf says:

The shot at 0:51 sounded like a thin

Peter Sung says:

How can I be the one to test your new golf balls?

Connor Faulds says:

never will i buy taylormade balls. expensive and nothing better than prov1. i dont even use the prov1 bcos its also too expensive. i use chrome soft x bcos i get it cheaper! i hit the ball pretty hard and i can tell you that the balls make so little difference that the price tag does not justify it.

xXxBlackwaterXxX says:

I fail to see the point of this. Wouldn't the point have been to make all the balls blank and neither party knows. Then they see which had the trajectory the golfers were looking for?

VWRabbit2008 says:

Interesting how they have trackman set up and no numbers from anyone there. Hmmm

RyanADillon says:

Wouldn't the REAL test be to blank off both balls and not tell them which they are hitting…

Steven Carrier says:

Where are the clear results? I just decided not to buy them because of your tricky advertising! Trackman clearly in video, yet no numbers! Seems like you are scared to post the "clear results" because they are the same results…

Matthew Gomel says:

so fucking fake taylormade balls are alright, but simply their technology doesnt match up to titleist.

Johnny Penso says:

I used to shoot in the high 90's. Then I started using TP5's. See you at the Open fellas.

bunkerputt says:

90% of tour pros play the TP5. Oh wait, no they don't. Fix your swing chaps. That's where it's at.

Stephen Jackson says:

That is so fake it's embarrassing. It's like a shopping channel infomercial.

iMondo says:

The Guy in Red and the Gentleman in Grey are related… I now them personally… it's sad but true they were paid to say those things… Sad day…

asian 15 says:

Tp5x is the best performing ball, I used to use the prov1x and I gained at least 5 yards off the tee from the tp5. Also it doesn't over spin around the green , it has a nice release

Jon Robbins says:

but as a high handicapper, how am I going to compress thru 5 layers?

Captain Jolo says:

Fucking hell this is so fake its painful

JeronBeast says:

I siwtched to the TP5X and went from shooting 103 to 93. NO BS

Wisconsin Golf says:

If I had a bullshit detector, it would be broken, this is bullshit

Severin Bücherl says:

V1 and V1x will always be the best in the game guys…

Nick Blumlein says:

Shame the ball is so bloody expensive

Joseph Lesage says:

They all are wearing adidas and using taylormade clubs these are paid actors

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