Live Golf Show Turkish Airlines Open Special

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Live Golf Show Turkish Airlines Open Special
Live Golf Show with Rick Shiels & Peter Finch
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Mox_au says:

Filmed on the new Samsung Potato…with paper clip technology.

Rick Shiels PGA says:

Live Golf Show with Rick Shiels & Peter Finch

ConnorCurriePGA-Golf says:

Do the TAYLORMADE speedblade’s vs the rsi taylormade irons

Joe Simmons says:

Not great quality. Pixel and sound quality poor. But you probably know that
by now. 

Topthecat says:

was 90 people earlier but its working better now so maybe they will come


Rick how did you hit the R15 in the night match??

TheBigdave1988 says:

Loved the concept lads great show great banter 

Alan Hooper says:

Floodlight golf Flixton 28th November 4 holes.

Carl Broadbent says:

Brave of you guys to attempt
Well done 

Terry Coop says:

Rick-Peter poor quality breaking up a lot

davemucky says:

Good effort guys , i watched live 

Hudson Harris says:

It’s working

Andy Gordon says:


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