The SECRET To How THE PROS Release The Golf Club

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James Brant says:

Eric's got the Popeye forearms gun show!

Micky Drippin says:

Got there in the end, but over 10 minutes saying the same thing in different ways? 🫤

Jack Saint Jack says:

I wish instructors would spend much, much more time showing how to do something technique wise and much, much less time showing us what not to do.

Jeff Connell says:

Your impact positions were NOT real. The right shoulder should be almost over the ball at impact.

schnare1 says:

Man I could watch you two all day! Seriously just brilliant lessons and articulation. You guys need to go old school and tape a DVD full swing series, I would by it!

jtandme4650 says:

Does this move put me in danger of "flipping" rather than "twisting" if I happen to be a little bit off?

rhod williams says:

E – I am at Jim McLean’s in Miami for a golf camp and I just couldn’t time up the elusive left hand release (which is an important part of their teaching) without casting and cutting across the ball. This video was pure gold. I had the hanger aid for years and never used it but when I pulled it out and followed you guys – a legitimate EUREKA moment. You are really good and your guests always bring relevant concepts. As always thanks for your generosity.

Global Guy says:

This really opened my eyes when I practiced on the simulator. It amazed me how much I needed to feel I was twisting it. Probably wasn't that much because I had not been doing it my whole life. I was striping it solid. Now I need to take it to the course. Thanks

Hung yen Sung says:

Hi, I have seen other videos on Hanger, the instruction was keep it press against your left fore arm, even during the through swing. Just like to get some clarification, cause I still don't know how effective it could be. Thanks

SeniorSwing says:

Will you make a vid on how and when to feel shaft bending before release?

mowglines85 says:

I would rather master the "Malaska Move". This approach seems to be a recipe for desaster and for spraying it around pretty good. Mike is hands down the best coach on YouTube.

LycomingWarrior says:

Arguably the best golf video on YouTube. Solid work ECog

Keith Lucero says:

Ok I here to tell us fans that this golf lesson is one amazing lesson – plus with the hanger training is one the the few training aids that is Worth it’s weight in gold – that’s why I can’t afford one – but you should get one – thanks – time tested video – keith

Pleroma says:

Great video

Patrick Barter says:

Why do some coaches recommend the hanger set open and some set parallel? Just got one and would love to know how to choose one or the other. Also, left forearm is sore from it snapping back after contact with ball/ground. Normal?

TheDonzim says:

Here is the main problem with golf lessons online.The title here " How to release the golf club", ok great but like 99% of vids on here spend 99% of the time showing you what not to do ,rather than showing the actual lesson. Too much bad data,can get confusing ,lets get to the crux of why I clicked on a Vid. Just my opinion.

video game Michael boy 9 years old gaming says:

I’ve always fought my arms stuck to my chest. Twisting the grip seems to get my arms to fire off my chest then all I have to do is turn. Crazy easy feel

Chris Franz says:

Good effing video

Joseph Villanueva says:

Hi Eric. This drill plus the hanger helped me a lot and I feel more compression with my irons. Unfortunately it also makes me feel like Im hitting down with my driver and Im not getting the ball up in the air. Do you still use the hanger with exactly the same feels with the driver or did you have to make adjustments with the feels?

David McBride The Golfing Gamer says:

I was practising this same exact thing last night. When I conected it was amazing the distance I was getting. and the desired ball flight. The illusive Push Draw.

Kåre Marius Lunde says:

A very good video – a real eye opener – thank U so much

Harold Pohoresky says:

Doesn't the impact snap by Marty accomplish the very same result?

Russ Ivey says:

I actually start closing the face down, with a twist, immediately on the takeaway so I don’t have to worry about it at the transition or the downswing since those are so quick and my brain struggles to keep up with the swing in that short timeframe.

Nr R says:

So I’ve been trying this but somehow I am still flipping the club. Any tips.

Matt Mills says:

There's an easier solution to obtain this desired result: preset the lead wrist at address. A 'weak' grip leads to a flatter wrist. Try it. You don't have to do any twisting at all, simply swing away. A challenge with trying to adopt a twisting method is that you need to also add more rotation than you are accustomed to in order to match it up, otherwise you'll hit big hooks.

Robert Haar says:

I need left forearm supination and left wrist extension through impact to get my desired ball flight. My release is more like Freddie’s and it works for me.

Joebo says:

Just wondering if there is a way to start this in the set up itself so we don't have to manipulate anything at all on the downswing?

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