M5 & M6 Driver Reveal & Team TaylorMade First Reactions | TaylorMade Golf

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davebrown5807 says:

You're a mug if you buy into this marketing bollocks

That was SAVAGE says:

Taylormade flunking now, people seeing through their crap…..
2 months from now an 4 more drivers telling the ? this is the longest driver out there.

Jonathan Poto says:

Time to buy another 905R!

Jonathan Poto says:

I respect tiger for not faking it. Looking forward to Nike coming back into the equipment market in 2020 to make Tiger some new clubs after he goes 4/4 this year.

thebigleone says:

Posers posing.

Corek BleedingHollow says:

I'm sticking with my M4 for a while. Those newer drivers are expensive!

Efrain Entrertainment says:

0:54 me after flushing my driver 220

andreas weise says:

Don't wait up for the Oscar nominations;)

H. Lux says:

Damn can’t wait to swing these clubs!!

Matthew J says:

Number one: why does everyone overanalyze what DJ says. Jesus, cut the man some slack. Number 2: I just figured out why Taylormade charges so much for their clubs. They have to pay all these top golfers.

Marcus Caple says:

Another reason I’ll never buy anything with Taylor Made written on it ?

Hack To Scratch Golf says:

If you close your eyes it sounds like porn

Dillon M. Horn says:


MrSphillipst says:

Fishing lures for humans ?

heavymetalusedgym says:

It’s like watching ad porn at its worst! Oh yeah, ohhh, I’m excited….

Hunter Rogers says:

Oooo… T ???

Micky Doppo says:

Can you put out this whole day in one video? I promise to watch the whole thing.

GezusX says:

Duhh my name DJ

lync3012 says:

Would love if they actually chose to go into the new driver over the old instead being pushed forward. Lets face it this was not the first look at the new driver they already saw it when doing product testing as well.

ekphotography says:

Now fix the weak iron faces that cave in please.

Darren Byrne says:

Tiger didn't sell out good man

Eds G says:

why is it when DJ said he is so excited, it did not sound convincing..

Ba Barrakas says:

Right,my turn

James Tonks says:

How embarrassing

Xavier Perez says:

That was fun to watch. Good stuff taylormade

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