TaylorMade SLDR Irons

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TaylorMade SLDR Irons reviewed by Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark hits the SLDR TaylorMade golf irons and talks about their looks, feel and launch dynamics. With the help of GC2 launch monitor Mark shows real golf ball numbers talking spin, launch and distance as well as TaylorMades fast ball speed claims. See if the new SLDR irons could help you hit more greens and improve your iron play and lower your golf scores.

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fullwerkes says:

If they offer same distances but better looks surely thats exactly what
your after then Mark! In the baaagg?

mark stanford says:

u like TM cos they send u free stuff we are not stupid mark 

Catorce says:

Well Mark, will they go in the bag for some videos? Would be great to see
you do some course blogs with different irons in the bag, away with the
EZs! ;)

FellowPazzini23 says:

Another good vid Mark BUT alike allot of other people on here I would love
to see you rate and review clubs that aren’t the big hitters, you seem to
only stick to certain brands where as some people would greatly appreciate
more time spent either the cheaper or less know brands. Same with balls too

Long Huynh says:

Mark, when will you start giving a disclaimer that you are sponsored by

Darrell Williams says:

Hit these yesterday with the reg. flex Speeder 57 graphite shafts and felt
very very nice , good pop off the face , but felt a bit head light for D2
swing weight , made you want to over swing the club . Hit a couple on the
toe and heel to see how that felt , heel shots felt solid , but that toe
hit is a bit harsh ( unlike my Ping i20’s with SteelFiber i95 shafts ) . I
could game them in an instant if they had a bit more overall weight as the
speeder 57 shaft made the club feel a bit unbalanced and light for me . I
don’t hit steel shafts as I have tennis elbow in both elbows .
Nice review Mark . 

Jjai Fernando says:

Hi Mark… love your reviews (this one particularly) i don’t often post on
youtube videos but this one i just thought i had to.
I love the SLDR irons so much, i had the Callaway X2 Hot irons and I’d been
gaming them for only 1 or 2 weeks before i tried the SLDR’s in-store, i
just loved the look and the feel and traded the Callaways in.
I FEEL they are a bit higher launching but maybe that’s just me (even so i
like that) I’ve never been this happy with a set of irons, and i recommend
them to anyone i come in contact with

d turner says:

I’ve been struggling with my Callaway RAZR MB irons for the last two
seasons so decided to test a bunch of more forgiving irons. I compared the
new SLDR irons along with the Callaway Apex and X2 Hot irons, and the
Titleist AP2 & AP1 irons. I expected to replace my current irons with
another set of Callaway irons but much to my own surprise ended up buying
the SLDR irons.

After much testing, it was between the SLDR and APEX, and to be honest it
was very close as they are both visually appealing, very forgiving, and
most importantly they had tight dispersion figures. In my opinion, feel
for both were comparable, the APEX maybe look better with the satin finish
but the better forgiveness and dispersion figures were the main reasons I
went with the SLDR irons.

I’ve played four rounds with them so far and shot a couple of rounds in the
70’s. They’ve made a huge difference to my game. Early days yet and I still
need to get more game-time with them but miss-hits get me on or near the
greens whereas the RAZR MB’s would punish me! I’d recommend anyone playing
and struggling with blades or shallow cavity backs to ditch them and try
the SLDR and APEX irons as they’ll improve your game.

Isaiah says:

I hit these clubs because I am curently playing the roketbladez irons with
the origanal speed pocket, (wow old, right… thx TaylorMade) and wanted
something new, and in my findings I found the same distance maybe a little
but longer, but the shape and feel are just so spectacular they went right
in the bag!!! I am a 5 handicap if that is important. 

Kyle Robertson says:

Well guess what clubs I’m getting lol

Lloyd D says:

I got these irons i think there great really improved my game they look &
feel great. Got to be one of the best irons taylormade as made easy come
fitted with the new KBS TOUR light weight shafts as well. Winner all round 


I have the MC in PW- 6 iron and I’m waiting for my 4 and 5 iron in the SLDR
After this review I’m really excited how these irons will fit into the set 

Trev D says:

Like my i25s the short irons look ok but too much offset on the longer
irons in MY opinion

Mr. TopRamen says:

I think everything post rbz(rocket ballz) by TaylorMade has been quite
good. Still a Callaway man though.

undrcvrwp says:

Mark, any thoughts or upcoming vid on the SLDR irons vs. TP CB? Offsets are
slightly lower on CB, and lofts slightly stronger on CB, but in terms of
feel, value, handicap? Be an interesting one to look I think ! Would help
me as well !

mike hunt says:

Taylor made sucks 

Sgt Pepper says:

With all this taylormade loving going on i think Mark has been replaced by
a TM robot lol

JAG sixtyfive says:

Hi Mark,

When you have the time, can we see that comparison between the EZ’s and the
SLDR Irons please?


wiiiiiiiiweeeeeeee says:

Sldr vs EZ vs G25 irons pls

Patrick Kelly says:

Hey mark

Could you please do the review comparing these and the mizuno ez like you
said you would. I am looking at a new set and I am stuck between these two
sets. Thanks mate 

Eric Davis says:

They look “spectacular” is a bit of hyperbole, really. 

Kyle Robertson says:

You should do a vs with the irons in your bag vs the taylormade sldr irons

chamilitary999 says:

what shaft did you use ? you have more backspin with this iron than the TP

cowboys402005 says:

Great review mark! Can anyone tell me if these are more forgiving than the
TM Rocketbladez Tours?

Julien Fetick says:

I had the opportunity to test these clubs today together with EZ, AP1,
x2hot, g30… Well i think i found my next set of irons…I had better
feel, and better control with the sldr than the others… I am gonna buy it
next week and eat pasta for the rest of the year :)

TheGamingTree says:


austint4303 says:

oh dear…..

1002themk17 says:

These or speedblades?

Kyle Fredricks says:

Mark, I love your reviews on the latest and greatest golf equipment. I’ve
been hearing a lot of good things about the Adams XTD cross cavity 2014
irons; will there be any reviews on those clubs in the near future? 

Matt Combs says:

Haven’t seen them in person but Jesus do they look good in this video. I
may have to trade in my AP1714’s to get them. Not only for their looks but
for their performance too. I always loved the way GI irons performed but I
hated the way they looked. They always looked too bulky and gaudy to me
which for some reason didn’t inspire confidence in my shot. I hate the huge
top edge and wide soles at address, they make me feel like I’m hitting a
hybrid instead of an iron which makes me feel more uncomfortable.

But these look and according to Mark sound like they don’t look too bulky
at address but at the same time don’t look like a blade either. Which is
why I like my AP1’s but it sounds like these may have that look but will be
even more forgiving and imo look even sweeter! 

jackowen1100 says:

Why u playing out a divot???

Sammy Whammy says:

Well, this video has me really confused. So an iron that has a fair amount
of forgiveness and technology in it, same length shaft (37.75″), and I
might add 3 degrees difference in loft (24 degrees as opposed to 27), does
not, on average, carry the proV1x any further (187 yards averge) or be any
more consistent (less in fact!) than the Taylormade Tour Preferred MB
bladed club that you hit three days ago! Didn’t see that one coming! So
what is all that technology in the 5 (cough 4 cough cough!) ACTUALLY
DOING? Under-performing it seems like. Nice one Taylormade……….?

sharkhark says:

A couple weeks ago I got to hit these when my home course here in Halifax
in Canada had a demo day. Real grass, real life trial. I currently play
titleist ap1 712 irons.
The range is a downhill one so I had to judge distance by eye.
It was similar to my titleist, slightly longer is my guess but not much.
Accuracy? Slightly better and easier to hit than my ap1’s.
Flight? Way higher. I mean to the sky. Windy day? I don’t know how they’d
perform. Normal conditions? U wouldn’t need spin as landing from the moon
would take care of that.
Feel? So soft I thought they were forged. Very nice. Great sound.
Looks? So good. So very good. Overall head size is fairly big but with thin
toplines they were gorgeous. The chrome was a mistake. Looks great for ten
seconds then chatter sets in etc. Satin would’ve been better. But other
than that complaint they look fantastic, not chunky at all very clean.
Everyone who looks at them says so clean at address, forgiving, good
height, good distance. A real winner. I am likely selling my titleist and
buying them. I used to ignore taylormade due to marketing hype but slowly
my wedges, my driver, my hybrid are Tm. Only my irons are titleist.
Titleist has been good to me but I likely am gone.
To fit this much game improvement in such a clean package free of gaudy
cavities & thick toplines, colors etc etc is radical.
I knew before I watched this video mark despite a bit of frustration at
taylormade & their distance gimmicks would like these irons. I was a bit
surprised at how much he did like them but in hindsight shouldn’t have
been. These are winners.
Ps I am average in swingspeed so I demo’d regular flex stock steel kbs 90.
I also tried the tour preferred line cb, mb, mc etc all were decent but not
at all competition for the ease of hitting and looks of the sldr irons. 

Alex H says:

sldr vs apex

Christian Vargas says:

Hi Mark Crossfield great vids and I would really appreciate it if you
compared SLDR against Apex irons:)

Edmund Gil says:

You mentioned this was a “first”… What about Nike Covert VRS Forged, Nike
Covert VRS Forged 2.0, and Callaway Apex? What about SLDR vs. any of these
forged beauties?

grumpy2159 says:

You’ll be checking out the TM putters next!

eagleonpar4 says:

just STFU and hit the ball bro….lol!

Keith Harmon says:

Just got these irons in a couple of days ago. With 1 range session and 1
round so far I really like them. They look great perform as good as I could
expect. Plus they feel really solid not forged smooth just really solid. I
am switching from g25’s so maybe they only feel different to me.

Se0what says:

My friend works at a range and i just recently started golf and damn are
these irons along with the mizunos good! They are just so forgiving for a
newbie like me yet I feel like the rare times I hit with perfect mechanics
it rewards me more than subtract from my game if I hit poorly. For save up
for a little bit but definitely worth it. 

sodthong says:

Hit these recently, nice, but no longer than my 7yr old Titleist irons. I
never buy into the sales pitches of these companies. 

Alan Bruce says:

I actually like these irons. We have them in the shop but for me they
didn’t generate any fantastic number that would make me switch. They would
be great for that player that is graduating from game improvement and wants
something that looks more player like! 

Erik Biles says:

I hit these as soon as they came out pretty much, felt really easy to hit
with good feel. I think the new shaft from KBS that they’ve put into them
makes for a great combination. Hit the EZ’s aswell and i’ve gotta say, the
SLDR’s feel more compelling to hit at address. Help without being as chunky

Matthew Bidinger says:

had a fitting a few days ago hit these and loved them got a set on the way
actually :)

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