Malaska Golf // Adding Distance without Adding Tension – Full Swing Drill for Feel

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Tim Haley says:

Great tip Mike. Thank you. Playing tomorrow will try out your drill.

v&v walker says:

This is gold!

video game Michael boy 9 years old gaming says:

I just realized this today right before I saw this video. I realized it when I was pitching golf balls. I use an underhanded toss motion and I realized I can swing like that. I was very tight and my body was lunging at the ball I was trying to be in perfect positions and I actually hurt my lower back. Once I realized what mike was saying I was killing the ball with zero pain

Just Truth says:

Are you doing anything with your arms or shoulders during the swing or you just leaving them completely loosie goosie?

The Boom Bapp says:

Mike. You are the friggin man! This should have been my very first golf lesson 20 years ago!!!

Please review my swing. First time I have done the loose body swing and it was the most effortless movement I have made(ever) with flush impact and my club hit all the key points in my swing naturally that I could not force to happen and my hips generated the speed without trying. WOW. Where to send???

Philip Frenz says:

The feeling I needed to make this work is, that I do not interfere with the club after thew first 5% of the downswing. I´ve been driving incredible. Told my friends and they said they are afraid the club will twist and buckle if they just let it hit the ball without interference – THAT was my epiphany – TRUST THE CLUB TO DO IT´S JOB

Antonella l says:

Koufax would of had a revelation not an epiphany!

Johnny Hicks says:

Best golf instruction on the tube makes it so easy to understand the golf swing.

Andrew Voyles says:

Sandy Koufax


Mike…the way you explain the swing is so simple now that I understand the concept I am hitting with very little effort with maximum output..I am no longer a puller….thank you very much…If I ever see ya in person…the beer and hug would be on me….lol

O. G. says:


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