Malaska Golf // Adding Distance without Adding Tension – Full Swing Drill for Feel

Answering a member question about how to add distance to his drivers, I'm reminded of a lesson from a baseball idol of mine – Sandy Koufax.

This simple drill will help you get a feel for the looseness in your arms that will help you generate arm speed and club head speed.

Watch more about generating speed and directing momentum at Join today.

11 thoughts on “Malaska Golf // Adding Distance without Adding Tension – Full Swing Drill for Feel

  1. I just realized this today right before I saw this video. I realized it when I was pitching golf balls. I use an underhanded toss motion and I realized I can swing like that. I was very tight and my body was lunging at the ball I was trying to be in perfect positions and I actually hurt my lower back. Once I realized what mike was saying I was killing the ball with zero pain

  2. Mike. You are the friggin man! This should have been my very first golf lesson 20 years ago!!!

    Please review my swing. First time I have done the loose body swing and it was the most effortless movement I have made(ever) with flush impact and my club hit all the key points in my swing naturally that I could not force to happen and my hips generated the speed without trying. WOW. Where to send???

  3. The feeling I needed to make this work is, that I do not interfere with the club after thew first 5% of the downswing. I´ve been driving incredible. Told my friends and they said they are afraid the club will twist and buckle if they just let it hit the ball without interference – THAT was my epiphany – TRUST THE CLUB TO DO IT´S JOB

  4. Mike…the way you explain the swing is so simple now that I understand the concept I am hitting with very little effort with maximum output..I am no longer a puller….thank you very much…If I ever see ya in person…the beer and hug would be on me….lol

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