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Learning good wrist motion in the golf swing is vital if you are to develop solid, repeatable impact alignments.

The wrists are responsible for power production and delivery – important if you want to hit the ball far… and for club face control which is important if you want to control the direction of your shots. Simply put, good wrist motion helps you hit it STRAIGHT and FAR!

The subject of how the wrists work throughout the swing is fairly complex, and I’ve covered some of this in depth in previous videos.


In today’s video, I will share with you a fabulous training aid from Watson Golf called THE HANGER, which will help you learn good wrist motion and develop the feel necessary to reproduce this over and over again.

Perfect for beginner and experienced golfers alike, THE HANGER is super simple and extremely effective at expediting the process of building good wrist motion in to the swing.

If you want to lose your HOOK or SLICE, hit the ball farther, or learn how to make crisp, solid contact every time with that professional forward shaft lean at impact, then this training aid will help you to do that.
THE HANGER training aid makes a complex subject simple to understand and I’m certainly a big fan of that. If you want to purchase THE HANGER training aid for your own use, you can do so here –

Online lessons available via SKILLEST app –

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Sukit Kasikitvorakul says:

I used to take out cloth hanger and did this drill. That was long time ago. Then i don't really understand the full benefits of the drill until i saw your instruction. One more take away on this drill is it helps to control the club face and pressure feeling to the hand. This is another awesome instruction. Thank you Rob. ???

manavs says:

Full retail? Rob we gotta talk #PUD

Gusto E says:

Hi Rob,
The feel I get from compressing the ball, hitting it crisp, is a great feeling.
I don’t get that feeling that often though.
I am close to taking the plunge and getting the Hanger (approx $120 in Australia).
However, as I don’t want a library of training aids, would this be a better buy than one of those wobbly golf clubs to help with lag?
Does the hanger train you to get more lag?

Joe B says:

Count me in for the hanger!

Tripp Berry says:

Rob, just ordered mine. Will give you feedback as soon as I try it. Enjoy and get a lot out of your videos!!

D Sexton says:

Bought one two weeks ago, excellent training aid you can hit full shots with as you learn the proper wrist angles in the swing

Philip Chan says:

Can use a cloth hanger if one doesn’t wanna buy this device.

Russ Quick says:

Hello again Rob. Your lessons never cease to amaze me. In this instance it reminded me to take an old training aid of mine out of mothballs-The old "Blue Strike" I believe from Hank Haney. Same principal I'm assuming. Be good.-Russ

3253222 says:

Good stuff, Rob!

Martin Hardman says:

Yes, very good. I've recently been "DJ-ing" my left wrist at the top (feels weird, clubface shut and feels like it's down around my ankles ?) with amazing results. Will look into this training aid…

Paul says:

I noticed the company also sells structure ball that sits between your forearms. Any thoughts on that? Seems to be similar to Tour Striker Ball.

Gar Pursley says:

Interesting product. Had used a clothes hanger way back, but was such a pain to keep it in alignment with the club shaft, I stop incorporating it in my practice sessions. Definitely will check it out. Finally got the Tour Striker Plane Station (back in stock), this seems as a great addition to my tool kit. Thanks for the info. 🙂

stanmans says:

$69.95 on Amazon.
Clothes hanger in your closet 5¢ max.
Your choice

tvelardo1 says:

Great training aid!

D Craft says:

Just ordered one, mainly because this is the very problem I am having.

Kevin Dreifurst says:

$80.00 really

Eric Jordan says:

Nice work Rob

James Parish says:

Just bought hanger and have been drilling with it. works to keep from opening club face. More solid strikes.

mark bradford says:

Will have a look. I have the training aid which touches your lead forearm to help you break your wrists properly. I find it particularly difficult to use my wrists or set them properly when playing wedges. Thank you for the great content.

David Winebrenner Jr says:

Love love this combo Rob! You and Eric Cogorno are just spot on with the best consistent content right now on YT:)

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