This Training Aid LOCKS your WRISTS into the right position! DOES IT WORK?

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Kent Bernard says:

Alresfy done ina simpler format…Greg Norman's "The Secret" 20 years old. Both of you still releasing early and not keeping hands forward of clubhead at Impact.

Just take the damn thing off, swing without it, put it back on.

Leanne Spicer says:

Thats the reason why we have to practice so you can ingrain the move into your head.

Leanne Spicer says:

Where did you get that type of golf swing Be Better Golf even using training aid

Leanne Spicer says:

Be better golf you need to rotate your body using the precision impact golf training aid.

Jon Stinnett says:

Is this forcing you into the proper “Milo” wrist conditions?

B2B Bogey says:

U can also close the face parallel to the ground and keep it closed that tricks your brain to open up.

B2B Bogey says:

Looks something like DeNiro usef in Taxi Driver

keenen wyrick says:

If Anthony can shoot 67 with a slight flip it may not be that bad I guess right ?

MahanFan1 says:

Name of device being reviewed? Link?

David Govan says:

A few swing modifications would help you with this. First, leave your weight neutral OR even slightly leaning forward on your back-swing, and second, rotate your body around to the left as you swing down, that will square up the club on its own. Lastly, don't over-hinge your wrist at the top of the back-swing because, as you mentioned, with that thing locking in place, the club will be too far from the ground causing you to drop down (too much) to touch the ground. This training aid is predominantly for a one plane swing which is rotational, and not linear..

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