Michael Jordan & the European Ryder Cup Team 2012

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Haryo 354 says:

I still wanna be like Mike…

Stanley Qi says:

The bold guy at the beginning is some piece of work. MJ is cool!

juniornac1 says:

You know white girl at :51 wants it lol. Mike must have had a hell of a
time in the 90s.

holger hansen says:

I remember times M.J. was flying but here he wasn’t able to swing his ass
out of the car. It was more an accidently meeting with the europe team
wasn’t it !?

ColeFried81 says:

It’s Europe. They’re comfortably affectionate like this. It sure caught MJ
off guard though. Right afterward you can see him mumble “oh man”…. lol

mxcnprd10 says:

Look at the size of MJ’s hands! Also, very cute blonde girl at 0:49

HaleoDing says:

look how big his hands are! fucking reach all the way to that guys elbow
with that hand shake

Daniel Buccolo says:

“”su majestad!!”” el mas grande de todos!!!

ryross80 says:

i really hoped MJ is still playing basketball..

therese fassie says:


Neon Light says:

0:03 wtf was up with that dude slugging MJ? seemed a little forced for
attention… but MJ plays it cool… MJ coolest dude around!

E Duggan says:

Think Jordan was kinda pissed of the forwardness of that guy at the start
and told Olazabel to mind his boys or there’s gonna be problem. Look at the
fucking size of Jordan’s hands; they make grown mens hands, golfers who
usually have quite large hands in relative terms, look like children’s.

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