Miguel Ángel Jiménez: My Number One Putting Tip! | Instruction | Golfing World

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bigmaxy07 says:

2:48 hold on don't interrupt Miguel !

fradaja says:

He likes to smoke

Kev G says:

Go Miguel! What a legand.

Woden of the Angles says:

I'm sure everything he said was filled with wisdom and insight. Just a shame I'll never know.. lol

David Malone says:

He is the Man!!!

dpardo74 says:

Does entite lesson white smoking a cigar…like a boss

dpardo74 says:

Don Miguel es el mero mero

Paul Horowitz says:

Love Miguel. Just not sure what the lesson was other than aim 2 balls left and don’t focus on the hole.

mysteriousfrog gaming says:

Spanish players are EXCELLENT feel players..this guy should've won majors on the regular tour. He oozes golf talent, lucky guy!

I watched him hit driver and then three wood on the range at Valhalla. He was hitting those shots on a rope, buddy. It went on for 25 minutes at least. Baby draw after baby draw, gorgeous golf shots.

videom says:

or on the green in two and walk off with a six!!!!! 🙁 kind of my game I want to change.

John Clark says:

Great guy Miguel. love him to show well at Royal BIRKDALE.

BigDH28 says:

Uhhh what did he say?? Lol

whocareswins1 says:

the tour average from 6' is 66% and the it's 50% from 8'. I think any pro will struggle to get it 90% of the time :/. Just goes to show how hard it is

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