Mike Austin – Detailed Hand Action In the Golf Swing

In this video, legendary teacher Mike Austin takes power hitter extraordinaire Mike Dunaway through the detailed hand action required to hit the golf ball long and straight.

Mike Austin had extensive knowledge of Kinesiology, the science of muscular motion. Although Mike's claims to have received a PhD in Kinesiology in 1946 from the National Academy of Applied Sciences are in question, there was no doubt about his expertise on the subject.

Mike Austin's golf swing hit the ball for incredible distance with over 150 mph of clubhead speed. Furthermore, it was incredibly accurate, and all by design.

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7 thoughts on “Mike Austin – Detailed Hand Action In the Golf Swing

  1. Most powerful information any amateur or pro golfer needs to know … I’ve seen pros for years and none of them have understood why I get the club so stuck at times (probate and supinate : hand /forearm & elbow control the clubface.. I’ve always only controlled it with my hands) I’m hitting the ball like never before #mikeaustin and co #thank you

  2. Just in case some of you MA fans want to know, this is a "Rolling" release. In other videos, MA teaches the "Stable" release. He obviously taught both so don't take this video as the gospel truth.

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