Stop Coming Over the Top With Your Golf Swing!

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With a couple of easy tricks, you can finally rid your self of the over the top pattern in your golf swing.

In this video, Steve shows you how to get yourself into position for a hit from the inside. He demonstrates how you might gain up to 50 yards with your drives!

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Luis Juarez says:

Thank you Steve. Would you distill the whole golf swing motion/mechanics of the body, arms, hands to that of throwing a ball or skipping a stone?

Peter McCurdy says:

Great teaching. I like everything that you have covered. I also gained a lot from the Mike Austin videos. Had my best round in a while this weekend in the 80s. My question is what should I work on to stop hitting the ground before impact with the driver?

Douglas Jahn says:

Love all the video's

trainspy says:

This is exactly what I have been doing and could not figure out why my drives were short. I'm constantly pulling my drives left, high and short. Thanks for the tip, I'll try it at the range in a couple of days.

Golden Gate says:

fantastic …. finally someone does a very practical "CAUSE AND EFFECT" with a solution …the only thing I would have added is not only does this apply to the driver but to the longer irons and fairway woods …. I still believe people would not have to abandon longer irons for a hybrid or utility iron if they understood what you addressed so well … again … thanks …

Kall Ramanathan says:

Great video. Thanks for the error correction tips!

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