Mike Austin: Golf's Biggest Lie

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It was hard to find Mike more passionate than when he talked about the delayed uncocking of the hands in the downswing.

For two decades, many teachers have been advocating holding ‘lag' or delaying the snap of the wrists. But this has now been proven a lie by 3D analysis and grip dynamometers.

Science continues to prove Mike had it right all along.

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Roland Becker says:

Baseball… Ben Hogan… wished he had 3 hands ? 🙂

Mil Sneler says:

Another myth busted is the point at which the club head reaches peek speed. Many are teaching wrong information. They now have the way of measuring the club head speed at each point of the swing, and it has shown that the peek speed is at the point of impact followed by rapid deceleration. So many coaches teach students that the fastest point is past the ball. This is categorically false.

Tcooper says:

Like everything else in golf..feel vs reality and a gross misunderstanding of what actually works. We know who makes the millions in tour and and we know how they swing. As of matter of fact, the best lessons for a recreational golfer is watching the LPGA players live. No more golf secrets in this day and age.

stephen f says:

Anybody else notice the wear spot on that iron?

mudddge says:

For all of MA's knowledge of the human body, his strength was definitely not in physics. He also thought that you don't hit down with an iron to make the ball go up.

Golf Nut says:

Flicking the wrists like that really is terrible instruction. For a high handicapper that struggles with a massive slice, ok that can help but you’d be treating the symptom and not the cause.

Don’t do this!

Hosoi Archives says:

Does anyone have more video of this video shoot? There was a video on swing planes but it disappeared

John Cosgrove says:

I beat Mike in an 18 hole match play event at DaBell golf course, in Burbank, California.

Isaac Stone says:

As today pga instructors are just to keep you in their schedules and they never teach you true things as they know. A person who just learned to correct golf swing they will found out that their past golf instructors didn’t teach them true things.

Bourne Jerz says:

Excellent slow motion tip.

paggolf says:

The X move perfect stuff in the swing this happens so fast near impossible to see yes it's teachable when did you last get told about it ? Exactly modern game forgets the keys !!!

Robert Van Dusen says:

Do you prefer Mike’s hand action in this video or the Shauger hand action?

kidpoker007 says:

Today’s greatest players don’t get to both arms be straight until well after the ball has been struck . They lead with hands and club head lags behind

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