Mike Austin Hand Action In Great Detail!

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There are still a lot of golfers out there that need further assistance in clarifying the precise motion Mike Austin was making through the impact zone.

In this video I show you the exact hand action shown to me by Mike himself, that he used to drive a golf ball 515 yards with a golf swing of over 150 mph.

Be careful calling this action a flip…as accelerates the clubhead along the arc while keeping the face square to that arc. The club face is not rolling over excessively!

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Dave Westfall says:

It appears that your thumb on the left hand is on top of the shaft and inline with the club face. Is that the method that you are using? Thankss

James Lopiccolo says:

the release you advocate NOT doing is closer to release of the greatest ball strikers of all time. way closer than the release you are saying to do. you are promoting a flip which is good or no one but the severe slicer. too much timing in the release you are showing here

ootietang says:

That's the truth, brother!

NorthernLite says:

If you play and teach golf the way your dick is obvious, you are ''exposed'' – Wear well fitting shorts ass hole…

Ian Robertshaw says:

You need to speed up getting to the “point” of your presentation/video. People will be pressing the cancel button. Hope this helps.

MMI Golf Bill Phillips / Golf Coach says:

Steve perfect explanation of how the hands work and I can see how people would be confused with some of the early vids Mike produced with Mike Duneway. Where people mess up is the Takeaway, if the hands and wrist and forearm don't work correctly as Mike advocates, you will not keep the shaft on plane with the shoulders, if that happens there is no way to allow the arm and club unit to work on the same plane as his shoulders. The shaft must be on the same plane or should I say Parallel to each other on the Takeaway. Get that right and the rest happens pretty easy. Words do make a difference in teaching, there lies the problem with golf as well as the understanding of the words. Teachers and students need to be more responsible for what they say as well as how they define the words, we are all to blame for the struggles. Great vid I watch all the time but rarely ever comment, but as a teacher I just had to this time. I'm not saying you did what I'm talking about I'm saying your words were chosen well , now it's up to the student to understand correctly. Thanks

Method Golf says:

What do you think of a waggle before you swing?

Lawrence Splitter says:

Steve, I broke my right elbow as a kid and lack about 20 degrees of full extension. Would this interfere with getting maximum distance? I drive the ball (my best) around 260-270.

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