How to Make a Perfect Golf Backswing

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Here are 4 of the key elements to making a perfect backswing, so that your golf swing produces longer and straighter shots.

A great backswing sets many golfers up for a good downswing and more solid impact with the ball.

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Robert Haar says:

Steve, i have been experimenting with a deeper, more rounded back swing. This in turn has restricted my arm lift. Cant get the shaft even close to parallel at the top of the back swing. Please help.

Glenn Wiebe says:

Was very happy to hear about how to throw the club early. With the nasty weather we've had now in the early part of Oct up here in Canada, it appears that our golf season may be over. However, I did get a change to swing in the back yard and attempted to implement this motion. I was very pleased to note the visible and audible increase in clubhead speed. I have been studying Mike Malaska's methods for some time and noted and liked his advocation of the club square to the arc. Incorporating the early throw was simple and fit right into what I was doing. I think my foot work and leg action has been relatively good as my lower spine is swinging under my chin. I'm very eager get this in action and may have to hit the indoor driving range! Thanks!

초짜프로(82년생 KPGA도전기) says:

WOW~~Nice backswing~~~

Joe J says:

Well done. Informative and easy to understand. Very helpful for a golf dummy such as myself. Will try this out and see. I like that he said that even if not executed perfectly it will still help. My kind of guy. – honest.

Luis Juarez says:

Thanks again for the detailed explanations Steve. Can you explain in detail your feel or the detailed arms/hands mechanics of taking the club from 1st parallel in the backswing to the top of the swing? I have heard many different interpretations like take it to the top from 1st parallel like you would raise your arm naturally to throw a football. I have also heard Mike Austin say that he never raises his arms, they only raise by shoulder turn. Thanks again.

Stu Cox says:

Awesome stuff, love the detail. Thanks, Steve!

Yogesh Bhise says:

Super? I realised that I was cocking the wrist at the takeaway itself. Huge correction..thank you?

Jeffrey Tabourne says:

Thanks Steve…. what a simple, repeatable, easy, powerful motion….I have picked up about 25-30 yards off the tee since watching your videos ( no exaggeration for those reading this ). It now feels like my entire body weight now being used in the strike. Lastly, I wasn’t sure if you had students that had their chin buried in their chest as I have pulled my “chin up” a bit and I get better overall balance/stability throughout the swing. Keep the videos coming!

Ravi Govenden says:

Another brilliant Video.
Appreciate the videos.

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