Best Driver Swing Drills for Senior Golfers!

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As we golfers age, and through being sedentary, we golfers start to lose flexibility and it affects our golf swings. We start to lose clubhead speed and driving distance.

In this video I take 71 year old Walt through my speed progression drills. He is up 20 mph from 78 to 98, up about 50 yards off the tee, and his scores are down from 103 to 88 average. He now has a career best of 267 yards.

I believe speed is an independent skill that can be nurtured at any age. When Walt puts some of his newfound speed together with his best technique swings, he hits a beautiful high draw.

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Douglas Jahn says:

Good stuff great drills for more distance

Ned Morales says:

Hey Steve I joined your web site. I'm having a problem gaining acess on my phone but no problem when I go on my fire stick. What can I do I love the website by the way. Thank you for all the great information on the swing of the legend Mike Austin.

malik nawaz says:

Back swing is not entertaining for seniors, must research on short bk swing max90 degree and and follow through making up the deficiencies.


Easy to understand… i wish i could drop 15 shots

08jag80 says:

This is one of best ranges around, but they should take down the "125" maker because you can't see where the ball is landing on shots going to the further green.

jibboom2112 says:

you have a Trackman there but you're using a 100 dollar meter?
Maybe I should get the blue one?

Ben Jonson says:

..good ideas..

AJG JR says:

He’s swinging to hard. His back won’t last. ??

Al_426 says:

I wish someone would do a video for seniors that didn't just say turn more and swing harder. A lot of guys are just going to hurt themselves. Most seniors do not have the ability to turn more. A better technique would help a lot more,

William Cox says:

Would like to know his carry distance at that speed. At 95 mph I carry it 200 -210 yards.


love that..i call it slow and smooth acceleration..good stuff

Ronald Rollins says:

Would be keen to develop a gym routine for senior golfers for flexibility and strength. Does one exist?

gatesmw50 says:

Steve Pratt I like your teaching. If you have more on Mike Austin I would love to see it and what you say about Austin's method. Especially as one of those "old guys" looking for a few more yards.

Michael Hayes says:

Steve, I used to be friendly with a TPI certified trainer. One day he asked me to take my radar device to the range, hit a driver, record the speed, Wait one minute, tee up another ball, take 3 casual swings left handed, immediately address the ball right handed and note the CHS. It was 3 mph faster! I did this ten times, and each time the swing after taking casual opposite direction swings was 3-4 mph faster than the swings when I didn't. I asked him why and he explained that we have imbalances in our body from doing things like hitting balls the same hand all the time, getting out of the same side of the bed all the time, exiting our vehicle the same side, etc. He said, for every ball we hit, we should take a swing in the opposite direction. Interesting stuff. Love how your 71-year old student has gained flexibility, and distance. We old guys rock!

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