Mizuno Tour Van

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Mizuno Tour Van, Mark Crossfield visits the Scottish Open and spends a day on the Tour Van. The Mizuno tour van follows the European tour and provides golf equipment and repairs to the worlds best golfers. Watch as Mark as he shows you around from inside the ropes of the European tour and asks the Mizuno tour van staff your questions.

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gken74 says:

Mark, Any idea what type of epoxy the guys were using on the van? It looked
silver? rather than clear, white or black that I’ve seen and used. Cheers

nigrel87 says:

Amusing to read the porno music comment during the grip application

jackeescav29 says:

Agressive 80s porn music in the background yet again

David Schultz says:

i want gorilla james dancing to this music randomly placed throughout the
video please

zdenekdvc says:

Great vid!

1ronichaos says:

Nice, did you get in the nike van?

rwhockey10 says:

love the tour van vids very cool

johnstone610 says:

Awesome video!

esfkb22 says:

Should’ve talked them into letting you see the mp-54 and mp-4 while you
were there.

emac417 says:

mark, did i miss your follow up to playing 18 holes with the mizuno jpx 825

jacob billeaud says:

I dont think he will be going to the taylormade van. Haha

peartfaldo says:

Mizuno clubs rule. Still use Mp14’s with MX500 driver AND most
impressive….. the Faldo wedges. Peace;-)

TheFoz96 says:

Fitting into their spac 4:10

Trev D says:

Thumbs up if u were watching the golf in the background on the tv

Catorce says:

Love the vids, Mark! Been following the channel for quite a while now, keep
up the good work. One thing; I personally don’t like the music when people
are talking, might want to change that.

Golfvids13 says:

Love it !!!!!!!!

JokerDavis90 says:

Mark, what stopped you from making it to the next step as a pro? What did
you find your biggest strengths and weakness’?

cgasucks says:

Is that a Samsung Note 2 you’re holding Mark?? Your stock has gone up a
couple of points in my book!!

Mason Harrison says:

Love these tour van videos mark!

mcdijnh2 says:

Best video for a long time. What a great job those guys have. Also, why
would anyone ever play an iron that’s not Mizuno….?

blakerh says:

Nice video. I play the JPX 825. Great irons!

blaster88778 says:

See the health and safety goes out the window wear goggles on the metal
cutting machine the guy doing the cutting ain’t got none on

jppongo06 says:

Really interesting, great stuff! Good to see the various machines in action
this time as well!

BuRnTmAsH says:

Love your work Mark!

mrtysonpants says:

weird thumb wedding ring

BluenosedMarsh says:

Dat thumbnail.

ahastar1141 says:

i dont think he ever did, i know he has played at least 2 rounds with them,
but he hasnt said anything. but the fact he kept them in the bag must mean
he is liking the distance

BetaD says:

Mark great job! I really like these videos, keep it up mate!

robocop30301 says:

Cool video, great work!

TheHabiat says:

no music needed in the clip mark. good job otherwise

Intens Snail says:

i wish i got to go on a shopping spree in one of these !

BiTechxual says:

um mizuno released the pictures of new irons on their facebook page and
forums first..

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