Mizuno Tour Van

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Mizuno Tour Van, Mark Crossfield visits the Scottish Open and spends a day on the Tour Van. The Mizuno tour van follows the European tour and provides golf equipment and repairs to the worlds best golfers. Watch as Mark as he shows you around from inside the ropes of the European tour and asks the Mizuno tour van staff your questions.

33 thoughts on “Mizuno Tour Van

  1. Mark, Any idea what type of epoxy the guys were using on the van? It looked
    silver? rather than clear, white or black that I’ve seen and used. Cheers

  2. Love the vids, Mark! Been following the channel for quite a while now, keep
    up the good work. One thing; I personally don’t like the music when people
    are talking, might want to change that.

  3. i dont think he ever did, i know he has played at least 2 rounds with them,
    but he hasnt said anything. but the fact he kept them in the bag must mean
    he is liking the distance

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