Mizuno JPX900 Tour Iron – Full length R&D film

The purest, most solid feeling JPX iron in the line. Grain Flow Forged using 1025E Pure Select mild carbon steel, the JPX900 Tour combines authentic Mizuno feedback with advanced stability – from weight pushed to the Power Frame’s extreme points. More info at golf.mizunoeurope.com

9 thoughts on “Mizuno JPX900 Tour Iron – Full length R&D film

  1. how is the sole as the sole on the 64 was great but the mp5 and mp15 dug a bit for me. still have 64 irons in bag due to the feel and sole. steep angle attack what best irons youd recomend?

  2. Hi guys. 50 year old scratch golfer. Have just returned to Mizo of equipment. Played all the way through the TP years. I have just been fitted into jpx Tour. Had minimal time to try the MP irons. Question, are the MP irons a much softer face? Thanks minion should never of left

  3. I have a set of mp-25 irons and they are amazing , is the new jpx900 tour much better in feel , looks , etc? I am hesitating to buy them . which is more forgiving ?

  4. I don't know which direction I'm going to go in the Mizuno line. I've been playing MP59's since they came out. I move around between a 4 and 6 handicap over the course of the season, but I would like the added help in the 4,5,(and probably 6) irons these should give over the 59's. I love the look of the new MP5, but worry it might be too much club. Would a blended set of MP5's and MPH5's make sense? my concern is the MPH5's in the 4 and 5 iron wouldn't be forged.

  5. Why no left handed? Mizuno makes no player's irons in left handed, and this was the perfect opportunity. Was hoping to get a set when I saw these. Sad day.

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