Mizuno JPX900 Tour Iron – Full length R&D film

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Rene Realme says:

Thank you for not putting boron in these, I wouldn't have bought them if you did.

charles rogers says:

how is the sole as the sole on the 64 was great but the mp5 and mp15 dug a bit for me. still have 64 irons in bag due to the feel and sole. steep angle attack what best irons youd recomend?

Kevin Reynolds says:

Hi guys. 50 year old scratch golfer. Have just returned to Mizo of equipment. Played all the way through the TP years. I have just been fitted into jpx Tour. Had minimal time to try the MP irons. Question, are the MP irons a much softer face? Thanks minion should never of left

swagcity says:

nothing will ever beat my mp 4s

chemari 1235 says:

I have a set of mp-25 irons and they are amazing , is the new jpx900 tour much better in feel , looks , etc? I am hesitating to buy them . which is more forgiving ?

J Crosby says:

I don't know which direction I'm going to go in the Mizuno line. I've been playing MP59's since they came out. I move around between a 4 and 6 handicap over the course of the season, but I would like the added help in the 4,5,(and probably 6) irons these should give over the 59's. I love the look of the new MP5, but worry it might be too much club. Would a blended set of MP5's and MPH5's make sense? my concern is the MPH5's in the 4 and 5 iron wouldn't be forged.

J Crosby says:

wish it was chrome

Dennis says:

Why no left handed? Mizuno makes no player's irons in left handed, and this was the perfect opportunity. Was hoping to get a set when I saw these. Sad day.

W.L. Loo says:

These looks really awesome!! I wanna get one <3

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