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Rick Shiels Senior PGA Golf Coach at Trafford Golf Centre tests the new TaylorMade SLDR Irons Vs Callaway X2 Hot irons in a head to head match up on GC2 with real golf balls. See which is the longest of these two golf clubs.


  1. i feel like the speedblade should be a better comparison with the x2hot.
    sldr would be aiming at something like the callaway apex irons, or maybe
    the x2hot pro

  2. Hello Rick, greate video again, Could you please compare the x2hot with the
    ping G30. Not for distance buth the easiest to hit. I’m buying the ping g30
    or the x2hot my handicap is 23, THANKS

  3. Why do you say that these clubs are aimed towards mid/high-handicap? I
    mean, players on tour are using forgiving irons (feks.
    stenson/johnson/price/curtis) and they are not in that range? 

  4. is this the x2hot, not the x2hot pro? Seen good reviews about the x2hot
    pro, what are your thoughts (if this isn’t the same), and what is the
    difference between the two?

  5. Nice video. Do you not think you should compare the SLDR Irons to the X2
    Hot Pro. Specs (lofts) in lofts seem much more comparable, where as the X2
    Hot specs (lofts) is more aligned with the Speedblade irons. What are your
    thoughts Rick?

  6. Hello Rick, Wilson Staff seems to have developed a line of irons to fit
    just about everyone. Could you do a review of these irons and highlight the
    benefits for varying levels of golfers? There doesn’t seem to be too much
    out there on these clubs and a review by you would be great. Thanks, Louis 

  7. Rick, do you not think the KBS shafts are responsible for the increase in
    spin for the SLDR? That’s always been my experience with them.

  8. I don’t understand why people care about how far they hit their irons as
    long as they are consistent it is basically irrelevant how far they go

  9. Hi Rick love the vids. your reviews helped me fall in love with the x2 hot
    hybrids and driver. Would not swap them for the world :-). id already
    purchased the JPX EZ irons. Any chance of a review of them and/ or a head
    to head with the x2 hot irons. Also the ez 3 wood. i know they are almost
    in the league of the sdlr mini and x2 hot deep, in that they are more of a
    driver replacement/ made for off the tee. thanks Martin

  10. Wow, another new set from Taylormade, they really do smash out the new
    products. I actually thought the X-Hot Pro from Callaway was a much nicer
    feeling and looking iron than the X2-Hot/X2-Hot Pro. 

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