Mizuno JPX900 Hot Metal Irons

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Mick Clark says:

Picking mine up tonight! “Chrome my Molly” ?

seckler17 says:

I can't believe none of these golf club reviewers know what Chromoly is, they have been making bicycle frames out of it for years, all of my racing BMX's back in the mid 80's were made out of it. Strong and light weight.

Jan Dekker says:

Surely it's 'Chrome-oh-ly'. Like 'only' without the 'l'. I mean, it's a bollocks word. But funny how reviewers (the two I've watched anyway) struggle with it.

Vasile Siminitchi says:

Just got fitted for a set of these today. Can't wait to take them to the course

The good dude says:

How much did they pay u 😉

Lukebazouie says:

I'm loving these. Had been using a 20 year old set I picked up off ebay for $50. Finally adjusting to pulling out a 9 iron where I would have been stuck between a 6 or 7 iron with my old set. I find they really are much more forgiving on off centred strikes. Feel great too. Only problem is a massive gap has opened up between my PW and 52 degree wedge. Need to have a look at the wedges from this set I think.

B. Rawlings says:

Is this club as forgiving as the JPX EZ cast model irons?

Paul K says:

I just hit these at my local shop. I fell in love with them almost right away. Tried the ap1 as well but doesn't compare to the mizuno. Love it and the lofts are not overly cranked up either!

frank rehill says:

Mark, The loft of the 4 – 8 irons has been reduced by 1° Shaft length remains the same 825s vs 900s

Jens Jorgensen says:

Holy-Smokes…Hot Metal !

Stephen Mowforth says:

I hit my jpx 825 irons low which of the jpx 900 irons would let me hit the ball higher

The Scholaredamerican says:

I don't Twitter and I don't know if Mark looks at these comments much. But Mark you are by far the best teacher and club reviewer and it's not even close. I'm recovering from something really bad that has happened to me and so I have nothing but time in my hands to watch video's and I just want to say thank you. I hope you come to S.C. one day and play some of our fine courses on the coast.

gee gee k says:

Mizuno are the best clubs on the market….quality control  is awesome.

Jonathan Cape says:

Good review as always. Slight continuity error at 2m54s – 2m58s.

David Hall says:

how about getting chris voshall back on the show, Mark?

Matt K says:

Mark, Is this club, or others like it on the market, capable of offering hybrid-like ball speeds? Or do you still see a divide between the two at a given loft. I am in the market for a 3 iron replacement. I'm not totally opposed to a hybrid, but if I can get the ball speeds of a hybrid in an iron look I'd rather go that route. Cheers

Station 2Station says:

Unsure why anyone would continue to buy the Apex CF16 irons after hitting this beast. I wish it came in a 3 iron to carry alongside the JPX Tours 4-P. Maybe Ill bend a 4 iron 2* strong.

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