Tiger Woods’ highlights | Round 4 | Valspar

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In the final of the 2018 Valspar Championship, Tiger Woods showed signs of the past with his incredible birdie putt on the 17th hole, but finished in a tie for second in the final round.

The Valspar Championship is held at the Copperhead Course at Innisbrook Resort and Golf Club in Palm Harbor, Florida. In 2017, Adam Hadwin outlasted Patrick Cantlay in a thrilling duel that was tied going up the par-4 18th hole and resulted in Hadwin's first TOUR victory.

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melvin sacromentoe says:

Golf needs tiger back

MrStamford78 says:

This is going to be the romantic fairytale that happens once in a generation.
Tiger is back!!!

Ian Burke says:

My great aunt went to this.

jon doe says:

Golf is for faggots. I hope Tiger gets injured or arrested again!

Brennan Swanson says:

Another tournament where Tiger plays well, still no major, and people yell "he's back"……9 years now

Cudliyah says:

Tiger finna get his EA title back

fradaja says:

He's starting to look loose ! yes I didn't like the clunkyness

Diane Smith says:

GO Tiger……….

Jens Kühlenthal says:

Can someone tell me why they shout baba bouey every time someone hits a shot? Its so exhausting to hear and cant imagine how it is for the players

Cerl84 says:

first time watching an entire round of golf in almost ten years.

Clint8403 says:

i was going to subscribe but then you went to short videos, ill keep checking…

As you Were says:

Whoever does the edits on these SACK THEM NOW

boc413 says:

I didn't think I would ever say it again, but he IS going to beat Jack's major record.

John Spratt says:

pleased the bastard got beat, but tis obvious, barring injuries, he is back and will win soon.

BunniesForSale says:

I need almost a month to catch up after I return to work from two weeks vacation. This guy comes back after two years and he's already challenging leaders. Oh yeah, he's definitely gonna win himself a couple tourneys.

24 Lancelot says:

I don't pull for him anymore.

Mike Bianco says:

I don’t think this channel knows what “highlights” means

Simon Stiff says:

1:26 the „smashfactor“ is back !!!!

Hop Man says:

Black people only show up when another Black Person is playing sports. But White people show up when nothing but Black people are playing sports .. Blacks are the TRUE Racist !


Not going to lie, I watched all four days of Tiger's golf game and was enjoying the show.

Congrats on a dominant game Tiger!

m sheri says:

This video will knock Tiger Woods of track: https://youtu.be/1wqkOmZY3aQ

mike sergo says:

Just two birdies he had to make, he would have won. Happy he is BACK! Galleries are BIGGER now!

Robert Longo says:

So, in other words, he had one highlight?

민선기 says:

it has never ever been fun like this since his recession with injury he is back! go TIGER!!!!!!!

rackum44 says:

Tiger only hits off line when he goes at it. If he just makes a good smooth swing like #17 on Thursday he would be unbeatable

The Chad says:

This Tiger is going to win a major this year. When he makes contact it sounds like Old Tiger. He’s still rusty. Watch out PGA you’re about to make a bunch of cash and see your ratings go through the roof

Tyler Southcott says:

Is Tiger back to early-mid 2000 Tiger? no. It's ignorant to think that is what by people mean when they say he's back. Is Tiger back to being a major force and not some shell of his former self? Yes. His swing has not looked this good and smooth since the Haney days. He says his back is feeling great, he has his speed back, his short is great as always. There's no reason to think he isnt going to be back to one of if not the top playing in the world very shortly

enes.7 says:

Paul Casey ruined our Sunday but I'm happy for Paul 🙂

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