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Michael Ramos says:

Mizuno shoes here, bro…..will go wll with my JPX-ez's!

Bob Pfaff says:

Why wear them all day? Surely a data set of 2 steps would suffice!

aaron chan says:

I wear the same size! Keen to win the shoe!

Mike Nickel says:

Great looking shoe. I've never had spikeless so definitely would love to give them a go.

A Google User says:

I love my jpx 850's and mizuno but that purple/blue they insist on using is horrible.

Poppy Brewer says:

Surely, you should have put dry socks on before the immersion test?

Tony Atkinson says:

Nice shoes burh… and my size, that a win!!

Edvin Mossblad says:

That's my size! I assume you choose a winner here in the comments? Just send them straight over here to Sweden. 😉

RC Adventures says:

Love all Mizuno gear and really dig the blue and black scheme. Great test, keep up the great work!

mizunogolfeurope says:

We'll work on our supermarket floor traction for the next generation.

Christian Mcgivern says:

Mark I'm mizunoed up never had shoes love the videos braaaaa please can I have the shoes

Jm Mj says:

i just bought adipower Boa boost paid​ 120 for them and they are fucking killing me. they crippled me today absolutely devastated 120 gone

Lukebazouie says:

What, no dry ball data in this review?

Douglas Stoner says:

They kinda look like bowling shoes from the front.

Mike ruiz says:

I'm gonna try some thanks!

ian evans says:

cool I am size 9 too..

Richard Bryan says:

hideous clown shoes and no good in marks and sparks.

LB says:

I would like those shoes. I'm a walker so low weight suits my play.

svt400hp says:

let me know if you have any 13-14 us size

Stephen Webster says:

Size 9 yes my please ?

MetalAsFork says:

Shoooooooooooes my face.

Stijn De Schepper says:

I've playing volleyball in Mizuno shoes for years. They are ridiculously light and by far the best shoes I've had, also very durable. I golf in Nike shoes, but I'm switching to those Mizuno's this summer!

cdh79 says:

I have the black model of the Nexlite SL for a few weeks now and i enjoy them when it's dry.. they're comfortable and feel great.. I also put them on at home, and don't need to change shoes when arriving at the golf course.

However when playing in wet conditions, i feel the soft-spike sole misses a bit of grip (that's not specific to these shoes, but a general feeling I have, also with shoes from other vendors), so then I use a different pair of shoes with spikes..

Matthias Gold says:

eldest asking the obvious question : "Why?" ???

raymond hill says:

They look like clown shoes.

Rick Mather says:

Its color blocking for shoes and they would fit me please,

fruitymug says:

Yes please! Just my size 😉

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