Mizuno JPX900 Tour Irons

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tat 22020 says:

Jpx 900 tour or mp-25

Zach Hart says:

Brooks Koepkas irons

Jaime Mantel says:

I have the 900 Tours and love them. They are very forgiving for an almost blade. The matt/brushed finish is more than just good looking. I am finding that it seems to be somewhat non-stick. When hitting off driving range mats these clubs hardly pick up any plastic, I couldn't say the same for my MP-15s. And they are more scratch resistant too.

Mark Hansen says:

What would be interesting is to compare JPX900 forged to JPX900 Tour.

slappy0077 says:

what balls did he use to test the irons

Johnston says:

Beef here !! ,,,nice sticks !!!

majorsmythe1 says:

Why dont PGA or top NCAA players use Mizuno irons?

Jon B says:

These are over hyped… you'll probably think the same if you're a MP player, especially 62/63/64. If you're a non-Mizuno or JPX player, you'll probably love these.

Tom Duckworth says:

Mark I would also like to see you review the new Wilson FG Tour V6 irons. They look great lookinf forward to youe review.

Jon B says:

wow i hit my 8 iron 165

peter keeping says:

Thanks Mark, just ordered a set! after fitting of course.A nice touch is that you can get any shaft/grip combo you want as well at no extra cost.

Mark Tosspot says:

Do people still believe honest mark is an honest reviewer ?

Station 2Station says:

Mark's standard disclaimer of not being a 4 iron guy – but there has yet to be a video where he doesn't stripe it like a mother. Good review as always, Mark.

Cody Magnusson says:

Jpx tour vs iblade

Richard Bryan says:

hot metals, similar spin, more distance? No brainier for an average player? and I mean average player (not handicap) although I'm guessing they wouldn't do anybody any harm.

Steve Smith says:

Look great. I guess that they didn't make this one in left hand because of MP25. Similar performance?? Shame! Thoughts anyone??

Duncan Martin says:

Swing is sweet!

Richard Rowe says:

Not as pretty as the JPX850 Forged irons IMAO. See Mark is having a crack at growing a beard. Bit of work to do to get to the "Beef" Johnston level!!!   :))

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