Mizuno JPX900 Tour Irons

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Mizuno JPX900 Tour Irons reviewed and tested by Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark hits the Tour JPX900 model and talks about its launch spin and overall performance. The JPX900 tour irons are made for golfers looking for a tour style look and feel while at the same time offering some level of help.


tat 22020 says:

Jpx 900 tour or mp-25

Zach Hart says:

Brooks Koepkas irons

Jaime Mantel says:

I have the 900 Tours and love them. They are very forgiving for an almost blade. The matt/brushed finish is more than just good looking. I am finding that it seems to be somewhat non-stick. When hitting off driving range mats these clubs hardly pick up any plastic, I couldn't say the same for my MP-15s. And they are more scratch resistant too.

Mark Hansen says:

What would be interesting is to compare JPX900 forged to JPX900 Tour.

slappy0077 says:

what balls did he use to test the irons

Johnston says:

Beef here !! ,,,nice sticks !!!

majorsmythe1 says:

Why dont PGA or top NCAA players use Mizuno irons?

Jon B says:

These are over hyped… you'll probably think the same if you're a MP player, especially 62/63/64. If you're a non-Mizuno or JPX player, you'll probably love these.

Tom Duckworth says:

Mark I would also like to see you review the new Wilson FG Tour V6 irons. They look great lookinf forward to youe review.

Jon B says:

wow i hit my 8 iron 165

peter keeping says:

Thanks Mark, just ordered a set! after fitting of course.A nice touch is that you can get any shaft/grip combo you want as well at no extra cost.

Mark Tosspot says:

Do people still believe honest mark is an honest reviewer ?

Station 2Station says:

Mark's standard disclaimer of not being a 4 iron guy – but there has yet to be a video where he doesn't stripe it like a mother. Good review as always, Mark.

Cody Magnusson says:

Jpx tour vs iblade

Richard Bryan says:

hot metals, similar spin, more distance? No brainier for an average player? and I mean average player (not handicap) although I'm guessing they wouldn't do anybody any harm.

Steve Smith says:

Look great. I guess that they didn't make this one in left hand because of MP25. Similar performance?? Shame! Thoughts anyone??

Duncan Martin says:

Swing is sweet!

Richard Rowe says:

Not as pretty as the JPX850 Forged irons IMAO. See Mark is having a crack at growing a beard. Bit of work to do to get to the "Beef" Johnston level!!!   :))

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