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Rick Shiels tests the NEW MIZUNO JPX900 HOT METAL IRONS at the NEW Quest Golf Academy based at Prairie Sports Village, using GC2 and FSX software

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Brad Heaton says:

A hot strike on the pitching wedge comes out 163 carry? That's only 13 yards short of your average carry of 176 with the 7 iron. It would be hard to use that pitching wedge on the course with that sort of front to back dispersion. It's a shame because the 7 and 4 irons had a pretty consistent dispersion.

Larry Proffer says:

Steel, a steel alloy that incorporates chromium and molybdenum, hence Chromoly. … The key difference being that while both materials weight the same, Chromoly is exceedingly stronger (it has a higher strength to weight ratio).

Maxim Fournier-Giguère says:

Any explanation for the super hot 9i shot? Those clubs interest me but distance control is very important to me.

mojopa01 says:

I got fittes for the JPX 900 forged with JPX 900 Hot Metal as 5 Iron which is the longest iron I use… Looking foward to playing with them!!!! 🙂

Peter Murray says:

can i ask you a quick question, if I just went for the full set of hot metal would the short irons not be good enough, have enough feel? I play off 18 but only just really getting serious about the game so looking to improve over the next couple of years. Have only tried a 6 iron in tghe hot metal and forged and really like the hot metal, so not sure if i should even be thing about mixing the set. But keep hearing people saying about trying.

Italy Vibe says:

my dream set my god, thank you for the review Rick

Barkingtoad 1 says:

Rick how would you compare these with the 716 ap1's ? I'm playing the ap1 but love the look of these

Mackenzie Loseke says:

Just bought these today 5-gap so far in absolute love w them ?

George Smith says:

In terms of the feel does it feel similar to the Ping i200 ? Which of those feels softer?

Trent Driver says:

Got these over Christmas and I love them! I crush these clubs along way and very high even with the stronger lofts. I'm a 7-9 handicapper and can shape these clubs enough to be happy with the fact they aren't a "blade" very good looking set of clubs to. Carry my 7 around 190 and 4 around 225. Yet feel totally in control like they are my wedges

Monica Blancet says:

What a great fitting! Thanks Mizuno. I received my clubs in just a few days, AND despite playing with the flu had a fantastic experience. Bladed 1 caught 2 fat, everything else was so SWEET! I should have the distances down soon with about plus 20 to 30 yards. (stronger lofts) Hot metal, KBS s, Golfpride midsized black and white grips with 2 wraps. SWEEEEET !

G Blizzard says:

I've watched lots of your reviews and let's just say performance wise this is one of your top 3 in the GI department… I just bought them today! Love at first hit. Thanks for reinforcing my decision…this club was not on my radar before I tried them…then I tried before I buyed…Great stuff!

Louie Pasatiempo says:

I play to an 8 and just got these with the Nippon modus 105 shaft and absolutely love these irons. Make sure you get fitted. I was between these and the forged and these felt more solid when flushed. Still can shape the ball.

Robin Beach says:

Chromoly is an abbreviation for "chromium-molybdenum steel." Chromoly
is a range of low alloy steels used, for example, to produce tubing for
bicycle frames and race-car roll cages. It is not as lightweight as
aluminum alloys, but has the advantages of high tensile strength and

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