Mizuno MP5 Irons

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Mizuno MP5 Irons reviewed and tested by Mark Crossfield AskGolfGuru and PGA professional. Mark talks about the new bladed offering from Mizuno golf and why it might help your golf game but at the same time could hurt your game. Learn from your equipment and about own swing and play your best golf with the best equipment your can get your hands on.

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lilly bloom says:

Had three sets of Hogans when they were handmade. Ungodly amazing feel. Had a set of Mizunos in the `70s, and bought a set of Mizuno blades in 2012. Nothing like them if you're a feel player. As Hogan said, he didn't wear a glove and gripped the club in his fingers so he feel the head through the grip right down the shaft.

Rhize says:

A year later and you had them in the bag lol

Marius Venter says:

Have you put them through a round and maybe got some video footage?

T Dandy says:

I own them. They are amazing clubs. All the Mizuno feel and not as hard to hit as you may think. If you play in the wind a lot, these are a great choice.

Gabe Santiago says:

mark since u love mizuno so much and your gaming mp 5 i was wondering if u would do whats the best mizuno irons of all time. i have mp 32s but i always get a big debate mp 33 mp 68 14 ect……….love your videos keep up the awesome work

Stu Dunn says:

I finally got fitted for irons and just wanted to thank you for your tireless reviews on all the current clubs Mark. I hit my best shots out of some 130 odd hits with the mp5s and couldn't be happier with the purchase!

jaybob Last says:

Just had a DNA fitting to replace my MP33's and tried MP4 5H and the winner was MP5 up to 5 iron and the H4 and H3 love the feel of these Irons and the ball flight. Cant weait for the season to start!!

Matt Mills says:

Advice welcome : I currently play with the MP 59's which are worn and need to be replaced. I am very confused whether to replace them with the MP5's, 25's or 15's. I want that soft Mizuno feel and am concerned the boron gives a harder feel in the 25's and 15's. Any suggestions?

Kyle Hubertz says:

Hi Mark!!  Love all of your videos.  I am a mizuno player.  I currently play the MP64's.  Just wondering what you think the difference is between the 64's and the 5's.  Also, looking for something a little bit more forgiving/high launching for my 4 and 5 iron.  Any suggestions??  Thanks much.

TherymasterWidnes says:

Mark, whats the better feel, the Mp5's or the Srixon 945's?

D Cary says:

Got a set at a very good price; beautiful. I am not in the handicap range they are "meant for", but that is due to other faults. If you are confident with your irons try these; the feel and the look inspire confidence – so much better than looking at a hunk of cast steel and the clunk of their impact. I replaced a set of MP25s (very harsh feel) with these (and H5s for off days or mixing with the 5s).

Insu 백인수 says:

how do these compare to 716 mb

MrSuperawesome5000 says:

I love them but dropping my MP-32s would damn near impossible. I've tried many and nothing has ever come close to bumping them.

Andy Pike says:

Great review Mark

Paul Miniter says:

I have these… And some mp62s…the 5 feels like the 62! But I think the 62 is even smoother,,, one of the best Mizuno have ever made..hard to choose between them!

Alan Medina says:

Thanks for the video @markcrossfield. Just got fitted for a MP5 set 4-pw. They're being shafted with TT SL S300s. Like you said some of the numbers were different from my Callaway Apex Cf16s but the ball flight and feeling these gave me were on another level compared to my cliquy Callaway cupfaces. Can't wait to get them on the course this weekend. I love my Callaway CF16s but just wanted to game some new Mizunos. Had MP33s and 32s before these.

Johan Melander says:

How would you guys, including Mark, rate newer blades vs older blades. I just love the old Mizuno Mp 14's in every aspect!!! It might be me, but I prefer hitting a 29 degree 5 iron and a 50 degree pw to a 26 degree 5 iron and a 46 degree pw. I add half an inch in shaft length and think more loft gives me more precision and about the same distance.

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