Assembly line for Mizuno custom fit golf clubs

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Jpgundarun says:

This puts Callaway in Melbourne, Australia to shame. They couldn't get my custom set of Apex Pro's right even after 3 attempts.

Shawn golf says:

Just ordered a set of 900 forged. I can't wait to get them!

pickle rick says:

They just don't make bad irons best blades on the planet too ?

Mr. mips says:

MP 59's with s300 shafts, 4 years old. Sent in for re shaft KBS Tour 110 regular. I have 712 AP2 with KBS Tour 115 reg + so I'm familiar with them. They sent back like new MP 59's with the Tour 110 shaft with new Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 Midsize grips. The price? Free!!! Not even a shipping charge. They give me the higher ball flight I want and dead straight. I will never buy any other brand of irons in the future. Today I sent in my older MP 32's for the Nippon Pro Modus 3 105 regular shafts. I love these guys. A customer for life.

Tom Pope says:

Love my new set of 900 forged

Ron Turitto says:

Mizuno is simply the highest quality iron and wedge out there. Love my MP-54s and MP-T5 wedges. Its a shame they don't push their product more at the retail level over here in the US. Always do my best to point anyone towards them.

F Bennie says:

I just ordered a custom iron set for my first Mizuno purchase! Previously played the Ping G5 irons for 11 years. Ordered the JPX900 Forged 5-PW and was told 3 weeks. I am just north of Toronto, Ontario Canada. I was born in Scotland, in Glasgow, and moved to Canada when I was 5. So, not only am I excited for my first set from Mizuno, I am an extremely proud Scot for how tight the process is in assembling these irons. Go Scotland! Go Mizuno!

drakey27 says:

I dont know much about politics but if brexit is responsible for closing this fucker down i will be highly pissed off!

Brian Stratton says:

I feel like you all do better in Scotland then they do in Atlanta. What I mean by that, is in 2012 I got my set of MP 59's in with a Swing-Weight of D8 (they were supposed to be D2)… Just recently I got a JPX 900 Tour 6 iron, the swing weight was correct, but it was a quarter inch longer then requested. I've ordered more clubs, then was told they can't get the Swing-Weight to D2, but can do D6, yet one of the clubs I recently got from them again is at D1 1/2…. Very frustrating!!!! Good job Team Scotland!

Chuck Small says:

Just bought my first set of Mizuno''s. JPX EZ forged off the rack. These irons are incredible. I'm 53 and just barely get to 100mph. Took them indoor the day after I got them. Carried my 4 iron 234.5 yards. Can't wait to get them outside. Face feels true and explosive. Wish I hadn't waited so long.

Brian Stratton says:

Great job!!! I see why I always get perfect equipment from Mizuno!!! Other then one time when I was sent D-8 Swingweighted clubs when I request D-2…. Other then that, you are all the best!!!!

Martin Eriksson says:

Bought a set of Mizun MP 5, beautiful clubs! But the grip alignment was horrible off and the grip was twisted. Hopefully it was a "monday-copy" and that contributed to the miss. Sadly i have to wait another two weeks to get them back in my bag, hope i can get them out on the course before the season ends here in Sweden. CanĀ“t wait!

Blue Flag Series Golf says:

Loving the video. Great to see the hard work behind the scenes.

Matt MK says:

check at 2.19 minutes, on that frame you can clearly see that the heads were made in China…. it's written on the sleeve that protects the club head….
I got some JPX 900 Tour, they came with no serial number and with a gold sticker saying, made in China.

They should cost 20% less, at least… if they are not made in Japan…. all the made up marketing…. very disappointing.

Thomas Krebs says:

I just ordered my MP-5's. Cant wait!

Roger Kingkade says:

Every time I watch one of these Mizuno videos, I want to run out and buy another set of Mizunos!

BPhife says:

I feel special! I had the Wow factor when I opened the box to my brand new custom fit MP-25's!

sean o'malley says:

9 months induction. Thats true investment in people. I have mp59s awesome set

Wayne Swisher says:

Thats why they are the best there is. Great quality.

durthang1000 says:

I need a set of these!

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