Mizuno ST190 Driver / Keith Mitchell testing

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MrTkeddo says:

Must admit I haven’t seen much of this guy but he talks a lot of sense and has a great swing.

Song Bai says:

is that a t1100

안지환 says:

finally~ mizuno takes black crown !!! awesome,, love it !!!

SearchBucket2 says:

Aborted quickly…. tis just another commercial which is loaded with unrealistic praise before it even starts. They're getting more and more tricky in how they advertise these days. You need to check who the uploader is before you get suckered in. This industry is rife with bull. They have to make you purchase a new "wheel" before your tyres are worn out else they'll go bust.

Paranoid Android Golfer says:

Very very very very very very very cooooool driver ?

Keith Hassall says:

Currently play a ST180 love the club but the feeling isn't mutual. Although fitted for club struggle with a push, push fade.
Shaft is a stock orange Tensei ck series 50 flex-s. Did change the original grip to a Golf Pride midsize multi compound with 3 layers of tape. Any ideas? Alternatively is the ST190 less fade biased.

SuperDuper Awesome says:

Mizuno clubs are just so awesome. Wake up people and give them a go!

Bandit Baker says:

Looks like a great looking Driver with great numbers and no Flash Face, Speed Injection Bull Shit!
Hope you do well with it, would love to see Mizuno give TM & Callaway a bloody nose!

Scott M says:

When will these be available in Australia?

Ben Ross says:

Very high ball speed for such a cold day. Low launch and high spin compared to his peers. ? on range vs playing. I've rarely liked my fitting clubs in an actual round.

Brian Cole says:

So excited to give this bat a try

aemluck says:

3,1 attack 2200rpm some good numbers…way to go Mizuno..looking forward

Nick Lorusso says:

Of course the Tour Guys get Hot melt in the heads, so this is still different then off the rack clubs.   Why I keep lead tape laying around.  I'm loving the looks of this driver from images. Excited to try

Under Par says:

This looks way better than the m5/m6 and f9. Those clubs look cartoonish and gimmicky.
On top of that from what I've seen so far it performs. I'll have to give this one a shot.

Nick DeLia says:

Looking forward to trying this one out… 180 performed well for me but the color and sound were a no go. This seems to sound much better, can't wait to hit it. Keith seems like a good dude, will be rooting for him this season.

jay rode says:

Always great product, but this may be the best!!!

Joel Moreno says:

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Hi Guys, what'll be the stock shaft offerings with this. Any real deal Tensei's like on the 180?

Troy Paradiso says:

I'd be keen to know what had done to the weighting with the glue he was alluding to… like what was the final swing weight, where did he put the weight (face?), etc. Doing that kind of tweaking has to change the the performance characteristics right?

Lawrence Williams says:

Are the lie angles the same in both?

Lawrence Williams says:

Will both models be offered in lefty?

Kurt Swiger says:

Sounds better than the 180, that’s for sure.

Anthony Jones says:

Can’t wait to give this a try. Hopefully you guys are a real player in the woods market this year. Any new hybrids or hollow headed irons in the pipe line?

MrEyedeas Negro Ferrero says:

Shaft ? Stiffness ? Swingweight ?

My OpenMind says:

Hope that performance matches the look.

Jpx St180s says:

Really looking forward , when will Mizuno be releasing for sale in Europe Ireland ???? ?

Brad Heaton says:

Can't wait to hit one of these drivers. They look fantastic.

Paul Shirley says:

Looking forward to this ?

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