Monday Night Golf Show Ft Hunter Swing Analysis

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Monday Night Golf Show Ft Hunter Mahan Swing Analysis
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Rick Shiels Senior PGA Golf Coach at Trafford Golf Centre and Peter Finch PGA Golf Coach at Trafford Golf Centre give you a simple round up of what happened this weekend in the world of golf. Key points in todays episode Hunter Mahan Swing Anaylsis and we answer your questions.

47 thoughts on “Monday Night Golf Show Ft Hunter Swing Analysis

  1. I think personally a lot of it comes down to variety!
    People don’t want to get stuck at 1 course when you have the option of
    playing multiple courses using 241vouchers and discount green fee websites!
    I’ve recently joined a club that allows me to play 26 other courses across
    the country (there’s 7 courses within a 35 min drive of my house) and feel
    that more clubs should work together offering shared memberships to entice
    people to join their clubs.

    Great show, keep up the good work

    Ps get Dustin Johnson on as the guest presenter and do a ‘what’s in the
    bag’, could throw up a few surprises #ItsOnlyIllegalIfYouGetCaught

  2. On the golf economics here in the U.S. I live in Cleveland Ohio, its a
    really great area for golf with loads of players and courses both public
    and private. So I haven’t noticed such a huge drop off. I think it has much
    more to do with the economic landscape than anything with the game itself,
    inflation is rising and wages are more stagnant since the crash. If you
    have to pay 30% more for food/gas there’s just not much left for golf. I
    have noticed green fees have come down, and there are more deals out there
    to pick from like GolfNow and stuff, hopefully the lower prices will keep
    people in the game and playing until the economy picks up. 

  3. A quality show once again (if a trifle quiet). Best wishes for the
    impending birth, Rick. I hope all goes well. As for questions for the show,
    as I don’t bother with FB and Twitter, I’ll ask my questions here.

    1. What’s your favourite course within a 30 mile radius of the TGC?

    2. Do you put up a Christmas tree at the range during the festive period,
    and if so, do you have a real tree or is it artificial? Also, do you have a
    star on top or a fairy?

    3. Pete, who did your logo? It’s a shocker. Maybe you should run a
    competition to have your fans design a new one.


  4. I’m not sure that golf courses all over the country are in trouble. Whilst
    it is obvious that some areas are suffering through financial hardship, I
    would agree that more could be done from the top to help out a little at
    the bottom. Innovation could help to bring young people into the game.
    ‘Golf Kingdom’ in Chadwell Heath, Essex, seem to have stumbled upon
    something because they have 1 hour queues waiting to play ‘adventure golf’,
    ‘foot golf’,’ fun golf’. They have a par 3 course and are developing a 9
    hole course due to open in a couple of years. I have been there and on a
    hot day the place is packed. I’m not sure about the young families sharing
    the clubhouse but the usual clubhouse etiquette has gone out the window at
    this place. Could this be another way to get youngsters into the game ? 

  5. Baby shiels for most majors by 2040 , don’t know about golf numbers going
    down I’ve never played so much golf lately at the minute being so cheap I
    can pay £18 on a weekend for 18 different holes , never been a member of a
    golf club as I like to play different course when I want . I think course
    need to get more kids to play as they are the future before they go off to
    other sports 

  6. It’s not looking out of the question that Rory could amass the most majors.
    It would be interesting to see how history handled that in the long run,
    ie, if he were to really shatter Tiger’s pace in the coming years, and even
    do something like a true grand slam on the way to 19, how would Tiger be
    remembered as years went by… Legend like Arnie, or slightly less adored
    like maybe a Gary Player? 

  7. Here’s what I reckon happened with Crossfield. They were both at Trump for
    the Taylormade day. Rick mentioned that he was going to speak to ‘a fellow
    youtuber’ about doing something. My guess is that Crossfield told Rick to
    do one. Shame.

  8. I’ve just started playing again this summer after a 4 year break and I’ve
    fallen in love with it again. I looked into joining a local public course
    as a member but I can’t for the life of me under stand why I should. I have
    no need for an official handicap and playing in competition would likely
    demoralise me right now (I shoot just over 100). The final part is that if
    I’ve been out for 4+ hours, I want to home and see the kids rather than
    hang about a course lounge with the members. Other than that, having the
    flexibility to play other courses appeals to me more than having 1 course
    always available as there are so many public and private course available
    locally and within a 30 mile radius. Personally, with money to spare, I’d
    prefer a membership to a properly kitted out practice facility. 

  9. Golf is one of the more popular sports in Canada, however memberships to
    clubs are high and they are seeing a drop in people wanting to become
    members. A number of clubs have tried promotional memberships to encourage
    younger players as well as relaxing some of their rules. Public and semi
    private clubs are very busy though and getting tee times is sometimes a
    challenge, also the season is shorter in most parts of Canada so by the
    time spring comes around you find people are itching to get out and play.
    Trying to encourage younger players to play even if its only 9 holes
    should be a priority for golf courses if they are going to have a future
    and get more people involved.
    I say have Ged Walters on for Rick.

  10. on people leaving or not joining the game.
    – the game is just to expensive. playing 18 holes in switzerland on the
    weekend is between 100.- and 180.- swiss francs. that’s a lot of money if
    you wanna play 3-4 times a month.
    – some people just need to long to play 18 holes. hcp 36 players playing
    from the back tee’s and still dont pick up the ball on the 12th stroke.
    – i would like to see different/easier courses for the average player.
    short par 3/4/5, no bunkers, not to much rough, not to many water hazards,
    and 15- inch cups for putting. the game would be a lot easier and less
    frustrating for most of the players

  11. Hi Gents, just watched your Monday Show and thanks for the Swing analysis
    of Hunter. I`m interested that you majored on his neutral positions during
    his swing, but you didn’t mention the other keys to Hunters accuracy.
    Namely his brilliant balanced footwork and the position of his Right elbow
    in the downswing and at impact.
    Hunter models his swing on Mr Hogan and the key element to both of their
    Swings is that the Right elbow is tucked in front of the Right Hip socket
    at impact. Being in this position allows both players to control everything
    with their Body rotation and balanced footwork. Please check out Mr Hogan
    and Hunter at impact, their right elbows are in identical positions
    Yes, the position of Hunter`s right arm is a classic One Piece Takeaway
    position and is a Text Book position. But if his Right elbow got stuck
    behind his hip socket or he threw his Right elbow out at impact, (as I
    noticed you both tend to do) he would be as inaccurate as Phil Mickelson.

  12. Enjoyed the bid, in the States golf is still a big deal! Like the vines and
    I think it will be either Nicklaus, junior shiels or Rory for most majors !

  13. Yes people have slowed on golfing in the states, except for our president
    Obama, he still finds time to play more golf than any US president In

  14. A bunch of people have said it already, but if you could share your
    thoughts on the Tiger/Foley split that would be pretty cool.

    As for the questions..I’m guessing Nicklaus is still in the lead. I’d LOVE
    for Tiger to overtake him, but the dude needs to get back to playing golf
    instead of golf-swing. I don’t get how the most talented/best player in
    history can hit the ball so poorly sometimes. And I’m going to guess Rory
    is in the 8-12 major range by then.

    Concerning golf in the States, I’ve seen a bunch of advertisements for
    clubs offering membership with 0 initiation fee and a steeply discounted
    first year. Whether that’s country wide or just in the NE I’m not sure,
    but that’s what I’ve noticed. Muni’s always seem to be packed though, so
    it’s possible people are just switching private club golf for the plethora
    of public options around

  15. Parfield as a guest of course!!… Tiger is the only person who has any
    realistic chance to break Jacks record. There are simply too many good
    players out there now, so I think the majors will be shared around a
    bit…… Yes my club in Australia is always looking for new members and
    drops the nomination fee sometimes to encourage new members

  16. the decline in golf seems to fit the pattern with the decline in some other
    established sports in the west. there are less footballers and clubs now
    than there ever was in the uk for sure. far fewer young people are choosing
    tennis too. new sports are in the marketplace from the x games line of more
    innovative/ extreme sports to the ones that target our fitness in this age
    of obesity like cycling and running.

    i actually live in south korea and a huge percentage of adults, both male
    and female play golf here. there are clubs for the affluent (they are about
    60 grand sterling a year) and screen golf rooms for the poorer (under a
    tenner for a round). interestingly, kids hardly play at all. the kids who
    do make it to pro level are paid for through scholarships and if you’re not
    chosen or backed by your parents then there isn’t a culture for young
    people to play with their mates at all. none of my students have ever swung
    a club and i teach 7-12 year olds.

    when you say that participation is down is that a worldwide number? i feel
    that it’s a game that is growing in the east but declining in the west,
    however, it still seem to exclude sections of society in korea and i bet
    that it tries to establish itself as an elitist sport in china and india

  17. I’m 14 play off 12, I am a member of a club in liverpool. All clubs in
    liverpool are struggling to get members, and there is a huge lack of young
    10/14 playing, whereas quite a lot of 17 year olds. I believe this is due
    to what I would call a Victorian attitude to golf, by this is mean that due
    to the fact that older people have retired and are at golf clubs more. They
    generally make up lots of committees, which can often mean that a
    traditional old fashioned attitude is taken in regards to membership. For
    example they spend lots of time worrying about very strict dresscodes
    rather than seeing lots of enthusiastic players at their club. Pls reply

  18. I love to play golf, but literally have no interest in playing 4 1/2 hr
    rounds on a saturday morning in club comps. As a result my handicap has
    been suspended as I haven’t played in enough comps. Its seen as a big
    negative at my club that people don’t play in club comps all the time and
    it simply puts people off. I play off about 10 but don’t give a shit about
    my handicap, more interested in playing with my mates. There is too much
    emphasis on handicap and formalities etc, everyone needs to chill out. 

  19. whats your thoughts playing with some big hitters off the tee and just
    keeping to the rythm and tempo of your own swing and not trying to smash it
    to keep up with your playing partners. Was watching Jimmy Walker in the
    Barclays over the weekend who is a fairly long hitter going all over the
    place trying and failing to keep up with Rory and Bubba?

  20. I think one of the reason which the gaming population is decreasing is
    that as the tecnology changes, people’s life is getting faster. People do
    things faster, there are less people willing to spend 5 hours on a game. It
    is same as the Snooker, or other slower games. I dont have the data, but
    I guess junior golfers are decreasing 

  21. Great vid
    I’m the club captain at my local public course, and I see a lot of new
    beginners to the game on the range/putting green who are non members.
    However I hardly see these people joining the club and getting a handicaps!
    I think the decline is in memberships and people getting handicaps rather
    than overall people playing golf, i personally haven’t got a clue how to
    get the non members at least playing 9 holes here and there.hopefully it
    will pick up in the next few years 

  22. Put me in the chair, first lesson rick had to tell me to stop talking shit
    (not in so many words).. Don’t mind my game improved. As for the decline in
    golf, don’t see it myself, but the old man club persona is a big prob. Too
    many old chaps whinging at clubs I been at, putting younger members off.

  23. Great show guys. The audio was a little quiet but not the end of the world.
    I know a few of my friends have cut the golf membership due to finances
    being a little tight. As it’s quite a lot of money and not essential, it’s
    usually the first thing people cut.
    Stand in for Rick…how about Pete’s dad? :-)

  24. Nicklaus will always be the king.maybe Bernhardt Galliger for next
    week.great video fellas.Private courses in Sydney still are super expensive
    and the waiting lists are the same.thats my opinion anyway.

  25. Hunter averages 296 yards off the tee with 32% of his drives being 300+.
    Top 5 in Driving Efficiency with only 112 mph of CHS. That’s extremely

  26. Golf clubs should inform the public that they do not have to play 18 holes
    all the time. I really prefer 9 holes since I’m not completely exhausted
    after that. Also don’t know how many time this summer that I have only
    played 2-5 holes, but it’s a lot.

  27. I’m from Canada, and I work in a golf shop, and I notice a lot of new
    members coming in. Lots of juniors. We have 30 junior members. And they are
    the future of the game. 

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