MORE GOLF SWING SPEED | Right Wrist In Crazy Detail

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Do you know how key the hands are in the golf swing?? Very important! You need lag and you need to release that lag for speed. This more golf swing speed video will go into detail about how the right wrist moves through the golf swing. This video demonstrates the importance of the wrist and how to use its power! So, if you are a golf instructor or a student or anyone who has problems with getting lag and release, then this video will be great for you. This is a detailed video of wrist movement throughout the golf swing.

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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Sunk TheBirdie says:

How about discussing the wrists in the golf swing based on the starting point of a neutral grips vs. a stronger grip ?

TheBentwrist says:

Nice golf swing.

Joseph W Naus says:

Great video. I concur with some of the other compliments about your demeanor. It's really soothing–great for golf instruction. This really helped me flesh-out and put words to a recent phenomenon I experienced that maybe some of your other viewers and commenters will be help by. I couldn't figure out why I was crossing the line at the bottom of my swing and sometimes shanking (when I practiced and forced the issue) or made a compensation (when I played). I clear my hips well, keep my "butt on the line", keep my spine angle. I generally have a very nice swing and am a single digit handicap but something wasn't quite right. Well, I figured out that I wasn't "turning the door knob," that is I wasn't moving from pronation to supination, and doing that while going from flexion to extension, leave the club way out side the line. Bingo! Thanks for your help Clay!

Deborah Barnard says:

Great video Clay! Thank you again:)

William Emeny says:

Hi Clay, I watch a lot of golf instructional videos on YouTube and I must say, I think yours are by far superior to all others. Your teaching style, explanations and modelling are outstanding and you seem like a great guy too. Thank you so much for this content which I have found very useful in developing my game.

DocDLH says:

Huge danger with this video unless I misunderstand Clay's instruction. 1) Putting the R wrist into Ulnar deviation at address (rather than neutral) increases the tension in the forearm and tends to a takeaway with the clubhead moving outside and a tendency to the weight moving forward rather than rotating into the R hip/leg. 2) Thinking about supinating the wrist on the takeaway tends toward laying off the club, moving off plane rather than the wrist automatically supinating simply by the natural movement in taking the club away with rotation of the shoulders a the weight moves into the R leg/hip. Please address, Clay.

Robert Oh says:

Thanks Clay Ballard, for the explicit explanation on the hands and wrists action in the golf swing: This was the missing piece of The jigsaw puzzles that has eluded many golfers, including myself. It will require loads of practices on the swing mechanism and in merging it as a unified, coordinated sequence of actions comprising hands, wrist and arms.

Your explanations and in breaking it down in simplified terms is like a crystal ball. Thanks a whole bundle.

joseserranosuner says:

I think this the best video on right wrist release I have seen, and I have seen a couple of them…

Albany Fx says:

How much control or force wrist set on your swing. So u want to just let the club do it’s work during the back swing and the down swing? Won’t it end up manipulating the club?

Ero Hato says:

Perfect instructions. I have one question. Do you have some drill how to fix it, when i release lag to early ? Club head is early than hands on 6 hour. ( Hands 7h and head 6h) I think i release wrist lag at 10 hours . Thanks.

Chana Timrat says:

I loved his video for all.

Clarity says:

Thanks for the great explanations!
If the right wrist is doing an extension movement, is this 'rolling of the wrists' that many golfers refer to? I am confused because I have read many times that our wrists action (minus arm and body rotation) should simply just lift the club up and down as though we are shaking someones hand – with no hinging like a door; i'm so confused!

golfevrythng1975 says:

Clay , why do we roll the wrists on the way back and forth? Why don't we swing with a square to square club face? I have tried both and it's becoming more and more confusing. Seems like taking the roll out of the wrists and forearms would lead to better timing at impact. I have played well swinging both ways. I Know there are and have been great ball strikers that play with shut and open club faces. In my own experiences my ball flight tends to be higher with less forward shaft lean when I roll the forearms on the way back, it's been a confusing struggle for me. Any comments or suggestions you could share would be fantastic. Thanks for all the videos. Good stuff!

Steve Moore says:

Sent a message to you clay about a hower agosorry

Steve Moore says:

Carnt see enething roneg with lag in downswing I like to call it starting of from ball Pershing 123 just like a clock then come down from 321 to striking the ball I it the all right in the middle of the sweet spot and follow through with my swing I have learnt this from you crag thanks mate

stevah dabevah says:

Wish I had seen these vids 20 years ago..awsome detail.

psmall54 says:

thx for the great discussion. This is the first time I've found all three right hand "moves" discussed at the same time. I know this will help with my swing.

barry nicholas says:

Extremely well explained, thanks.

Antony Do says:

Hello, I see that your side angle change over time: flexion, and extension, two plane swing, angle of atack changes from setup and impact while impressing the ball as a result bow left wrist… All differ with those of Stack and Tilt swing or single plan swing. Few sayings about SIDE ANGLE of the wrists towards the shaft could be found.  I am introduced to some instructions as of above, where the right wrist's angle should be UNCHANGED during swing, and the function of wrists is only HINGING and UNHINGING. Question is that how not to change if the left wrsit does move from bent at setup to bowed at impact? Do you have any idea?

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