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MORE SPIN PLEASE VICAR GOLF TIPS VIDEO, this video explains some of the issues with low spinning golf clubs and golf balls and talks about how you could improve your golf equipment and skill levels. Improve your golf swing with better understanding of what you really need to work on and how to improve your over all score on the golf course. Simple golf tips for golfers wanting to shoot lower scores.

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Adam R says:

I must be in that small group of people that absolutely welcome the new low spin Titleist ball (AVX) 😉

mrdiscover says:

Very poorly thought out video. I hit my low spin balls 20 yards past my ProV1's. THAT is the point, not manipulating spin with a 7 iron. I'll take my chances with less spin around the greens, as I think most weekend players will.

Colin Brown says:

Great points, think I know how to add and take off spin but could you do a video to confirm?

mrdiscover says:

A weekend high ball hacker will benefit with lower spin for greater distance.

Jon Milne says:

Does soft or hard balls matter then??

Adey Yemm says:

its all ass back wards. lol

Paul Hunter says:

This is great info…I’m looking at new clubs right now, sounds like i need to not only test different clubs, but need to test different balls with each different club.
Finding a new set of clubs, and one particular new ball, that give good standard spin rates on every conceivable shot on the course sounds very hard to find.
…not forgetting good distance

Mine field!!!!

samb55 says:

Thanks for the explanation during the streamed video! It would seem, though, that the best way to address your question would be to hit lower-spin and higher-spin balls and see how the carry off the iron differs. I imagine that making a lower-spin ball involves giving it a higher MOI. See Walter Lewin's demonstration:

Chris Hartney says:

So how do you take spin off? What were you and Dan doing?

Grant Evans says:

Mark, you should do a “New Wedge versus Rusty Wedge” comparison video. Or “New” vs “Very Old Worn Out Grooves”.

Loco Benno says:

for the first time I'm struggling to wonder why you're bothering with a topic like this, and it's starting to feel like click bait….taking spin on and off is something elite players can and choose to do but us folks in regular watch-Crossfield-land: we don't and can't and won't choose equipment because of it. Lost you man, sorry

Nigel Hockenhull says:

Isn't this where single length irons win for average golfers as the increase shaft length in the scoring clubs adds club head speed and helps generate spin, I've noticed the difference since swapping to Sterling irons

JimboSRP says:

I guess what it means for me is that it is better to choose equipment that is going to give me higher spin, other things being equal, in a stock shot. From there I can take spin off if and when needed. I suppose the question is what equipment does that? I'm looking at new irons soon and will definitely keep this in mind when trying out various sets. Cheers bruh!

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