They DON'T use NEW Fairways… So why do YOU!?

If the best in the world don't use the latest and greatest in this slot, why are we consistently looking to upgrade!?

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14 thoughts on “They DON'T use NEW Fairways… So why do YOU!?

  1. Always liked your reviews, but the way they're cropped so it sounds like you're not taking a breath in between sentences, drives me nuts. I end up switching off before they're finished.

  2. I am in the same boat too. If you have something that works, why fix it? The results have to be hands down better before making a change. I personally had Callaway Steelhead plus for 5 years before changing to my current Taylormade Rocketballz.

  3. I totally agree. I have the new IQ driver and irons. My 3 wood is an old Callaway Hawkeye titanium wood. My 5 and 7 are the same. There is no new wood I hit better or further than my old 3 wood. 3 fitters have tried and failed. I hit my old 3 wood further than most hit their drivers. Facts.

  4. Great video! I totally agree with this view. I’ve got a Tour Edge XCG5 4 wood in the bag with regular flex and I can’t find a better or more consistent fairway for me. I can hit it over 240 when I put the screws to it, and it hits 200-220 whenever I need it. I think it’s great to try new clubs but if they are not immediately better, say no thanks and walk away.

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