I dumped this club and so should you!

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We always raise the question ‘What are the best clubs for average golfers?' and today we compare a 3 wood and a 5 wood, should either of these be in your golf bag?

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Yellow Lab says:

I ditched most of my clubs, makes more room for fishing poles, good fishing in those ponds!

john edgecomb says:

Plz sir, where did the info about the "Average Golfer, 9 handicap" come from?? I find that vv questionable.

Don Reinholz says:

I use a 4 wood in the fairway and a 7 wood instead of a 5 iron. Either one can be used on a narrow fairway.

Randy Smith says:

It's the 5 wood for me. I have removed a 3 wood from my bag.

Adrian Neale says:

I haven't had the swing speed to hit a 3W off the deck for ages & will use the 5W, 9W, or 6H. But I did replace the 3W with another 1" shorter Driver with a 3W loft which gives me another good option off the tee. And still only 13 clubs because after the 9W, I have a 6H, and the longest iron is a 7.

CD says:

This guy is full of it ….know wonder

Rick Fox says:

It's nice that you can drop a 3 wood. For those of us that are not long off the tee, the 3 wood comes in very handy on long par 4's and par 5's

Jessica Conner says:

I have a 3 wood. It's great for displaying my cute alligator club cover. No other use as far as I can tell.

Chris Lynch says:

I dropped my 3 wood and added a 5 wood. I use a driver, 5 wood, and 7 wood. Similar to your situation, it just didn't make sense to keep the 3 wood. I was less confident hitting it then the 5 wood. I also like the increased loft on the 5 wood and how that gives me an increased angle of descent.

maalekar says:

I'm playing a Callaway 3wHL which is more like a 4w really. I really like it. It is my go to for any distance greater than what I can do with my 3iron hybrid (225 vs 200). Useful to get closer on a par 5 or to have that just shorter than a driver shot.

Adam O says:

I just have a driver then go to the 3 or 4 irons. Being a happy hacker scoring 90-105 on average and quite happy with that I play to the strengths of the clubs i like, short irons and 4 iron. To many hackers play on hope and not enjoyment

Drycleaner guy says:

The clubs I dumped were my hybrids. I could never hit a decent with them, so I replaced them with a 5w and a 7w. That was the best move I ever made, as I consistently hit good shots with all my fairway woods. I just added up the number of times I used each club in my bag over the last ten rounds, and after my Putter, Driver, and 50/55 wedges I get: 7W-29, 5W-26, 7i-22, 3W-19, PW-16, 9i-14, 8i-12, 5i-12, 6i-11, 3i-11. Three of the top four clubs I use are fairway woods, and I use them for different distances and shot heights. Why would i want to lose any of them?

DMG Drunken Multiplayer Gaming says:

Its funny i only recently got a 3 wood and everytime ive used it ive loved it. I can consistently hit it off of the tee or ground 230ish carry. Even landed on the green on a par 5 on my second shot with it. Shame i cant put to save my life. Lol.

Rodrigo de Miguel Lamminen says:

I play driver 5 wood 4 hybrid 4 iron and so on. I've never been able to hit a 3 wood off the fairway well, DoD is unironically as consistent (which isn't saying much), about as high, and longer. And that's from the fairway, never mind a rough lie, the 3 wood might as well be unusable. The control and consistency from a 5 wood is just leagues above that of a 3 wood

Martin MacGill says:

I guess this data is specific to you but does raise the interesting thing of preference and knowing your data. I had a similar experience and I went with a higher launching 3 wood (changed by shaft selection rather than loft) and a 7 wood. Results are great in that I have a more reliable 3 wood all round and a better club to fill the gap. I prefer the 3 wood to 5 wood as my normal play is on a links course where it’s quite windy and the lower ball flight is welcome. A 5 wood would be airborne too long and wouldn’t be a great selection. I think on an inland course where there’s less wind may influence this decision somewhat…

Ron_Google says:

I carry both. Because at my age, drivers are shorter, so extra fairway roll out with a 3 wood helps compensate for the driver. But actually my 3 & 5 are adjustable loft, F8 Cobra, so my 3 is set 1.5 degree more loft (a 3.5 wood) and 5 set to extra 1 degree loft making it bit shorter but higher for softer landing if I am lucky enough to hit the green. The worst club for average golfers to carry are stupid 60 degree lob wedges. Those need greater skill than average approaching greens and mishits have a BIG penalty. Most amateurs do not enough pay for premium balls to get high back spin with them! Tell me one shot you often need that ONLY a lob wedge can do? BUT many times average golfers need extra distance due poor drives. i.e. your dead wrong on this topic, and are not hitting you 3 woods properly. Technique or equipment issues.

SWU says:

3 wood, 3-5 irons, 60 degree wedge definitely can be leave out of the bag

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