We take a look at the Nike SQ range from the 2008 to see if you were beginning the game would they be worth putting in your bag!

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  1. LOL Got this driver since they first came out. It's 2023 and I still use it until it breaks or I find something better. I mean, if you can reach over 300 yds with a regular flex shaft that's all you need, unless you're going for long drive competition of course, but as long as it takes you around the dogleg or challenge some fairway bunkers, this beauty stays in the bag, I reckon ????

  2. I hit the Sasquatch in high school and was always confident and long off the tee. Switched to a Calloway, then a Taylormade, and almost quit the game. I was losing half my tee shots. Moved back to the Sasquatch and just hit 13/14 fairways lol

  3. I have two of the square drivers. I think for a beginner or high handicapper will benefit from these clubs. The head is forgiving. Also, the regular shaft is perfect for the slower swinger, those of us getting up in age. Third, they have the look that says, "I don't need to spend buckets of money for a driver to improve my game. Yes, when you nail a drive on the range, it is loud. But then when everyone looks over and sees your golf ball going to the farthest reaches of the range, they can look down at their 500 plus dollar driver and ask themselves, "Who looks silly now?"

  4. U moan about the sound, but who cares when the balls flying good, and if sq was so bad who come Fred couples won so many titles using another manufactures erosion since 2008/2009 and has done since, just losing out to Tom Watson whole the last hole to win 22 under par to freds 21 under on the last hole

  5. I have these same sets but in stiff shaft and I still use them now. But boy you hit them much better than me. I did just buy a used Callaway epic flash driver recently. Haven't used it yet though.

  6. I'm still using a slightly newer Nike Dyno driver 270+ yards and straight buying newer won't improve your skills half hour on the range 2 times a week Wilson staff d series or ping g series irons and save the rest of your money for golf lessons with a pro.

  7. I’ve got a lot of these clubs, prices on eBay aren’t to stupid. I know they’re older clubs now but the only ones I feel comfortable using along with the Nike combo irons

  8. I still use this driver. It's very good but it's 13 years old lol. So I bought a Taylormade sim max finally. I would hope after all these years it's a bit better.

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