My Mizuno Iron Fitting + We Talk About Swing DNA

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In this video Matt talks me through the process of fitting irons using Mizuno's Swing DNA tech. We also have a talk about fitting in general as we go through a full fitting.

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Chris Viducich says:

Great video. One of the best YouTube fittings I have seen. Can't wait to get fitted myself. Really hoping the MP-18 fit my swing!

Ben Schofield says:

A couple of questions:

1) What ball tracking technology/product do the Mizuno Performance Centres use? e.g Trackman, GC Quad?

Neither of you seemed to discuss Ball Speed, Launch Angle, Backspin RPM, Descent Angle, Trajectory etc which for me are all major factors in ball flight and carry distance.

I assumed once you had chosen a shaft using the swing DNA tech, you would then try all the recommended Mizuno iron types and compare the data with one another to help decide on your iron of choice.

2) Do they not compare all the data from the different irons and shafts during the fitting process?

notformebeaky says:

I could never get fitted by a guy with a man bun.

Kieran Ardaen-Webb says:

Interesting to hear about getting loft and lie checked. I’ve always wondered about that ????

tat 22020 says:

Great video. Very informing

Justin Stephenson says:

Great video. Interesting you ended with the MMC. I tried those over summer and they were a beautiful looking and feeling club but I struggled with a bit too much draw with them compared to the M1s which I bought. I do wonder if I was at the fitting centre rather than my club pro I would have ended up with the MMCs

Mil Sneler says:

I wish the guy would blow his nose already. Annoying to listen ll that sniffling.

Tony Thompson says:

Height at 5'7 and wrist to floor (not knuckles) approx 34" shouts at me a quarter inch shorter than standard shaft. When I say standard I mean a typical 7 iron at 36.5". I do get concerned that club manufacturers are increasing shaft lengths and still calling them standard but I fear this is another way to add a few extra yards for the wow factor !!!! Fitting this man with a 1/4" shorter than standard shaft would automatically flatten your lie and encourage you to stand closer to the ball. If this is a professional fitting I am disappointed at the information supplied. Don't get me wrong technology has its place but lets get the basics right before we go into it in depth!!!!!

Martin Drury says:

Went through this process myself a couple of weeks ago and came to the conclusion I should have done it years ago. Came away with a beautifully fitted set of Jpx900 hot metal with standard KBS Tour 90 shafts. Couldn't be happier. Push/block right has become a gentle draw. ? Driver fitting next.

Kevin Clark says:

I got fitted for mizuno and ended up jpx900 HM with kbs tour stiff shafts. Like in the video I found it hard to explain the subtle differences with the shafts and came down to the kbs or dynamic golds. But after using clubs for a few months now I don't have any regrets the clubs are great. Funnily enough the jpx900 forged saw no differences apart from looks. Anyone else going in I'd recommend an open mind and just go with what the fitter is telling you.

Kyle Everhart says:

That was an awesome video!

Anthony Clanza says:

Great video Craig. Matt from Mizuno actually fitted me for a new set last September at Custom Golf Essex, ended up with Mizuno MP-18 MMCs 4-PW with KBS Tour shafts in X-flex. They are an absolute dream to hit, more so because they have been fitted for my swing!

Beta Vulgaris says:

This isn't a proper iron fitting. This is 'hit the ball and we'll give you such and such a shaft and such and such a head'.

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