Nelly Korda Golf Swing (Analysis 2021)

In this video we take a look at the golf swing of LPGA Star Nelly Korda. She is a very tall player with amazing power. She also has a left arm that works differently than some players through impact, but she is still a stat machine…and a great putter.


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6 thoughts on “Nelly Korda Golf Swing (Analysis 2021)

  1. 2:48 Was für ein top of backswing: Unterarm und Handrücken (leading hand) haben einen Null-Winkel. Das Schlägerblatt steht parallel dazu. Was ist mit den Töchtern von I.Lendl, r u watching?

  2. I'm sure because this girl is so amazingly thin that probably affects her swing I'm sure somebody who is 5 foot 9 with short arms and hundred 80 lb could not swing the same way she does

  3. I have taken on the daunting task of imitating this swing. There are two clear advantages to it over the "reverse C" I was taught. Ball striking and, surprisingly, distance. Compare Micky Wright's classic swing (considered by Ben Hogan to be the best) and Korda's. Somewhere on YouTube is Mickey hitting a 200 yard distance with a 2 iron. Nelly, in the her last tournament, had a 184 yard shot to the green and used an 8 iron. It is a bit confusing, at 125 pounds (maybe) just where Nelly's power comes from. Just proves muscle mass isn't everything. Be interesting to know what her gym regimen is.

  4. I am sure that many viewers have noticed the club shaft bending forward a lot as the club approaches the ball and past impact. This is actually an artifact of the way the sensor pixels in the camera are scanned. I proved this by shooting video of a swing with a camera upside down or rotated 90 degrees. With the camera upside down, the shaft seems to bend backwards quite a bit. Rotating the camera 90 degrees shows what the shaft actually does, bending backwards a bit as the shaft is loaded up and then straightening as the clubhead approaches the ball and bending forward a bit after impact.

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