This Drill MASSIVELY Improves Your Driver Swing! #shorts #golfswing #golf

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truthful Patriot says:

👀🤣…..some folks just Cannot play golf….dude in the black has Zero coordination 🎤

Fraiser Withers says:

Mate u nailed that how for did it go

ChampMagnum says:

Great! Now you can block and flip. Welcome to golf.

0331 says:

Snaphook swing…..I know😂

Tom Osenton says:

Massively brilliant.

Lou Alcaraz says:

Still swung inside out. Just got lucky that time.

Wolfie McWolf says:

Dudes right leg is straight like a fence post in his back swing as he tilts his body forward. I would start with that. One lucky shot, at the right time, is not a fix.

Austin Johnson says:

He crushed that shit

number 8 says:

Not really a drill tho

Delwin Campbell says:

But what about slicing when you work from the inside, like that?

Pacmansi says:

Ping gotta love the sound!

John Hathaway says:

That’s ok 😂 he’s take it he’s sold

Vikram Singh says:

What’s the drill bro ?

Jeff Parnell says:

Some of the best swingers of all time have an ott swing… Snead, Hogan , Jones

Ryan Lea says:

What i was always taught. Feel like you're skimming a pebble across a lake.

Wanna be golfer says:

That is spectacular. Wow!!!!!

simon carr says:

What is the bag thing on the floor?

Lucenta says:

He nailed it 👏 👍

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