Never Make These Swing Weight Mistakes

In this video we look at 3 different mistakes that golfers make when it comes to swing weight and their golf clubs.

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22 thoughts on “Never Make These Swing Weight Mistakes

  1. It's weird…I just weighted my clubs and I get a big jump between PW and 50 deg. 9i=452.6g, PW=460.7g, 50=490.1g, 54=473.3g, 58=475.7g. All my wedges (Mizuno T22) have DG S400 shaft and irons (Mizuno Pro 223) have PX LZ 6.0 120g.

  2. Interested in your opinion about the actual feel effect of grip weight changes vs what's indicated on the swing weight scale.
    I've built dozens of sets of clubs over the past 30 years, mostly for my own use, and have found very little change in the feel of the club with grip weight changes regardless of the indicated swingweight change. I theorize that's due to the grip being held in my hands. A glove actually weighs more than changing from a standard grip to an oversize.
    So I have always assembled my clubs by swingweighting without any grip (around E-0) for assembly and then just add whatever grip I want a the end, ignoring any further swingweight measurement. I'm always experimenting and blow all my grips on so they're easy to change. I can defiantly feel a difference when changing shaft weight or length but not grip weight. Curious as to how sensitive your average customers are to swing weight in general and If you've ever changed grips with out trying to correct for actual swingwieght?
    BTY, for years now I've established a swiingweight with a 5 iron that feels good and then changed shaft length up and down through the set by 3/8" rather than 1/2". This achieves very close to MOI weighting and makes the whole set feel the same.

  3. This makes a lot of sense. I’ve been gripping my driver down about 3/4 inch and seem to get better strike with no change to swing speed. I’ve been thinking of cutting it down. Would I just be better off choking up since it seems like you are saying there is no meaningful difference?

  4. I'm confused now, if a swing weight on an old club feels right and i change my clubs with a lighter shaft (steel to Graphite) and the Head now feels like a lump on the end of the shaft which now feels unbalanced would i not be better to re balance (adjust swing weight) and bring it back to the old one.

  5. AJ, your videos are outstanding, we all appreciate them. Quick question on adding butt weights to counter balance a shaft. I have Ping iBlade's with a DG S300 (124g) shaft (Ping shipped as: +1" and D8, Ping said since it was a heavy shaft and 1" extended there was no way they could get to the published D2 swing weight since Ping doesn't use counter balance weights. I removed 1" from end of shafts, this brough the factory configuration back to D1/D2 range). I'm going to replace the shaft with a TT AMT Black Stiff (3 iron 95g to PW 116G) or TT DG MID 100 Stiff (105g). Question is, when I add weight back into the shaft to get it to it target (3I @ 408g to PW @ 450g) I'll need to add a combination of tip and butt weights to do so. True Temper said that adding counter or butt weights to their shafts degrade performance. On average I'll need to add a counter of 6g to 10g to offset the 12g of tip weight I need to achieve my D2 swing weight and overall club weight of 430g (7 iron). My GW is 464g, that is why I'd like the PW at 450. What are your thoughts on using counter balance weights to achieve club weight and swing weigh targets? Does the use of counter weights degrade the performance of the shaft? Thank you, Jack

  6. Im trying to figure out how to keep my midsize mcc align grips (62g vs stock 46.5g) without chaging the stock swing weight. I also dont want to add any lead tape… whats the solution for this? Lighter shaft? Currently playing jpx 923 forged, modus 3 115 x stiff (119 grams). Do I go modus 3 105 x stiff (112g)? Please help, thanks!

  7. Interesting video. I used to do some club making and I'm pretty obsessed with the swing weights of my clubs. You're obviously a more experienced club builder than me but I do think swing weight is important. I made one of these "mistakes" with my putter. After cutting it down an inch and adding a big Wynn grip to it, the swing weight was really low. I added a LOT of lead tape to the head and got the swing weight right, but of course it's now a pretty heavy putter. But it's been great, feels heaps better than it did before and seems to be helping my putting. Only issue is how much heavier it makes my golf bag. ?

  8. Thanks, AJ, for the explanation. It cleared up a few questions I had when I got larger grips for all of my clubs about a year ago. Again, thanks for sharing. Cheers.

  9. Hi AJ, I enjoy your interesting video topics about the DIY things a curious golfer can get into. I have a question though: can that doodad that will adjust the loft of a driver head be added to a non adjustable driver head?

  10. I have irons that are +.75" and I am 6'3" tall. The swing weight is D9 which is higher than standard and they do feel heavy to me. I'd like to bring the swing weight down. What are my options? I would be open to shortening them .25"

  11. Isn’t this exactly why moment of inertia is the correct measurement. Adding midsize grips would increase the MoI of the club slightly requiring more torque to accelerate the club.

  12. I built this old ping copy into a chipper, Ping makes the Chip R at E6, not sure I have that much lead it came out C6 with a Ultralight Jumbo max Grip, but lead tape is not going to hurt a 30 something year old copy, LOL If I get it there and like it, have you ever used epoxy over the lead to smooth and lock it in? Thanks Spike

  13. very good info AJ, I didn't follow your advice on the Hammer, go check it out. I even referenced you in it, LOL You told me not to, but I don't listen. I made a 6 degree lie angle adjustment with the rubber hammer, turns out that is how Ping adjust them too!

  14. I feel like something is wrong with your swing weight scale. Not only do you have a metal adapter on the end of it but also the epoxy that would go in there at the same time. In a dynamic gold x100 there is no way that a standard swing weight when he d0.

  15. Question on this though – I recently build some new wedges. I used my old shafts cut to proper length. I found my swing weights for my 58/54 to be d7/8. When I built the 50 degree it came out at D2…seems logical feel wise to add 12 grams to the head to get it to that d7/d8 range…but are you saying it may not be worth it?

  16. I went with 14g & 16g weights in last year's Cobra LTDxLS. Don't know the actual swing weight, but it feels similar to my old Cubic Balance grooveless driver that I slapped enough lead tape to to reach E0. I love that sledgehammer feel!

  17. I recently bought a used ts2 hybrid with a 50g shaft in it. I took it out and put an old shaft I like Diamana 70g .
    The swing weight was D7 withe the new shaft because along with 2 swing weights for the extra 20g shaft the shaft was 1/2 longer than standard for that club which added 3 more swing weights.My goal was to get to D3 which is close to my other hybrids even if it was 10g heavier overall …Annika Sorenstam has her 5wood shaft 10g heavier than her 3 wood so my thinking was it would be ok. In order to add the least amount of weight to the handle I changed the weight in the head to -4 5g weight to save 2 swing weights. I used the 8 g Tour lock counter plugs in the handle for 2 more swing weights and regripped. In the end I only added 4g to the club and now have a club that feels much more like my others at D3.

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