SWINGWEIGHT can RUIN your clubs performance. MUST WATCH!

If the club-fitter at your next fitting doesn’t discuss, or dismisses swingweight as not important you are in the WRONG place!

Swingweight is arguably the MOST important factor in your club spec to ensure the finished clubs time naturally to your particular swing dynamic. It times the club to your natural rhythm regardless of your playing standard and must not be overlooked. DO NOT accept a STANDARD swingweight spec, there is simply no such thing. If this is overlooked your new clubs could feel too light (a flippy feeling) or too heavy (a clunky strike), even with he correct head shaft combinations.

Some manufacturers have a tolerance of 1 swingweight point (SWP) and some club-fitters boast a tolerance of 0.5 SWP which means a club destined to be built to D2.5 is deemed acceptable if built at D2 or D3, or more if off-the-shelf. This will affect performance and the club will perform and feel very different to the one you tested on the day. If you’ve ever wondered, why seemingly identical drivers might feel difference, this is a contributing factor.

DO NOT guess your swingweight. It would be like going ALL-IN on a hand in poker without seeing the cards you're holding!

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14 thoughts on “SWINGWEIGHT can RUIN your clubs performance. MUST WATCH!

  1. Thanks for the education on swing weight. Now I understand why my driver is hard to hit. I changed my grips from medium to jumbo, I presume when I did this, my swing weight decreased quite a bit because my jumbo grips are heavier. This is probably why when I swing my driver, I cannot feel the head and I hit it all over the place. Previous to changing my grips, I had a one way miss, usually a slice, but I've greatly improved my swing mechanics but cannot reliably hit my driver. I plan on getting new clubs this season with a proper fitting, but what can I do in the meantime that'll help with my swing weight until I get my new fitting? Thanks.

  2. i recently changed grip size from standard to midsize plus 4, and
    i could not hit my irons for love nor money, never took swing weight into
    account, so i put 8 grams of lead tape on my irons..WOW..what a difrence,
    feel fantastic, i did the same with my driver and it feels very slappy, im gonna put lead tape
    on there to and i`ll see what result i get, great video, so people at home, changing grip size
    will affect the feel of your clubs.

  3. Really great and informative video. I have a question regarding shaft weight and swing weight. I currently game a Ping G 425 Max (7g adjustable weight) with a Ventus Blue 7x Velocore Shaft playing at 45.5 inches. I am considering moving down to the Ventus Blue 6x TR Velocore, but I want to maintain close to the same swing weight. Any advice on what needs to change here, specifically the moveable weight in the head? For additional clarity, the club is gripped with a Winn Dry-Tac Mid Size. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  4. Great information as always! Can you elaborate a little on matching swing weight. Im off 0.2 and im quite feel sensitive. Ive had 3 new drivers over the last 5 years (different shafts/ head combo) and ive always had them built to D2 as anything more and i loose my acceleration point and its a swing weight ive always been comfortable with. My thoughts were if i respond to a specific swing weight can that then not be carried forward to any over driver moving forward. You mentioned D1 in one shaft will not swing the same as D1 in another, how is that?


  5. Great content as always. My question is should my swing weight be identical for my 4 iron vs 7 iron vs wedge? Should all irons be same swing weight or should they be identical?

  6. Great video and love the attention to detail. I have always thoughts my irons 4-PW should be the same swing weight and something I was very conscious of when ordering from TM! Should it be that all your irons are the same or should they vary/progress? Also the pure process of the shaft is something that not many do! A video on this specifically would be awesome!

  7. Hi, great video. Question – can going heavier swing weight affect the shaft, i.e. make it flex more due to the load and make the club flair open?

    Watching your vid, makes me think I have a club with a too heavy head. Is there any way to get hot melt out of the head?

  8. Fascinating. Keep it coming.
    It's all in the fine detail .. but you also need to be able to know yourself what you are feeling with your swing.
    I recently took my i200's with XP95R back to Ping UK (where I was fitted 5yrs ago) for a re-fit as I was aware that something did not feel right. I was re-fit into Recoil 780 stiff. What a difference. I gained 3.5mph ball speed with remarkable consistency and all straight shots. It feels effortless and I have not hit a bad shot since. Obviously the overall weight is now less but so is the swing by 1 to 2 points. I don't know if its the shaft or SW that has made the difference.

  9. I've often wondered about the weight of a golf club, you see loads of people with heavy headed training aid clubs that supposedly help fix all manner of swing ailment yet the higher the handicap the lighter the club's generally are.

  10. I've been going through alot of your videos recently with much interest, I've always thought, even as a high handicaper that I have a fairly unique sense of feel when it comes to clubs as i talk about feeling things to mates and they havent got a clue what im talking about haha. I have built my set around that feeling ( with the help of a fitter initially 2 years ago to get my base ) , but im now at the stage where i feel I need "fine tuning" to get to the next stage, whether thats another re-fit or adjusting my current set. Especially as my swing has changed alot in 2 years since my iron fitting.

    Do you feel that this kind of shaft and club fine tuning benefits mid-high handicapers too ? I play of 16 at the moment, and play with MP20 HMB and MMC mixed set which i've loved since having them, with heavy, none ribbed shafts which i think the pro at the time said were tour spec. When i pick up anyone elses lighter clubs, they feel horrible, my down swing with lighter clubs makes me feel like im casting or coming over the top more and they give me too much freedom, so i feel i need weight in the head and stiff shaft to help me keep on plain or slightly inside.

    My driver especially, something i've struggled with is something id be very interested in seeing the possibilities. I'm a few hours away from you guys in Norfolk but id be very tempted to have a day down there for a full bag analysis if you felt its something that might be worthwhile ?

  11. Very interesting information. Regrettably many fitters / suppliers ignore swingweight completely. Incredibly, The big manufacturer that I've just got new irons from had no idea on what the swingweight was for the combination that I wanted of head & shaft from their fitting cart. I had to borrow the combination and get it swingweighted myself in order to specify it on the order!

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