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19 thoughts on “What Is Swing Weight? | TrottieGolf

  1. Trottie so I’m getting some arthritis went to a lighter graphite shaft from steel what should I do add weight to the head or shaft with some powder
    Chef ?‍?

  2. I wish I could find a video that goes over the scale in depth. Like D2 vs C4. What's heavier feeling vs the other? By how much? What's the highest and lowest it can go on the scale. How does each affect playability/performance? What are most stock irons/drivers/wedges at in terms of swing weight? etc

  3. Swingweight question in the SIM2. I have a hzrdus smoke rdx butt trimmed 1/2in. I use a midsize grip which I believe is 6.5 grams heavier than stock standard grip. If my calculations are correct, that’s about 4 swing weight points I’ve taken away. Hypothetically, if I swapped the 16g rear weight in my SIM2 with a 24g weight (from SIM2 MAX) would that be successful in bringing my swingweight back to stock?

    Also, what are your thoughts on how that would change the spin, launch, forgiveness? Your guess without seeing my hit it or number…very much appreciated!

  4. I have a question I’d love someone to answer if possible. I’m looking at getting a set of P770’s but there’s nowhere near me that has fitting facilities so I always buy ‘off the rack’. My current irons have a KBS Tour 90 reg shaft and swing weight is D2. According to the taylormade website the standard shaft is a KBS Tour 120 stiff but swing weight is still D2. If I got for them with that shaft or even a project x LZ at 120 would swing weight remain D2 and still ‘feel’ the same as my current irons? Thanks

  5. Hi bud
    Playing mc grips at moment but want to change to TV cord.
    Grip weigh diff is around
    46.5 in mc
    And 52g in TV
    What effect and changes will I need to make please.

  6. Currently playing P790 with Recoil SmacWrap graphite shafts 1/4 in over standard bent upright 2 degrees

    How would adding an arccos sensor affect swing weight?

  7. I experimented with a Grafalloy Bi-Matrix X flex shaft in 2016 M1 head, full length uncut playing around 47.5", for a couple years now. Finally got around to getting swing weight measured and it came in at E8! I knew it played heavy, but I didn't mind because I hit it so well. Is E8 completely ridiculous? Just wondering if playing a driver (and 3w too, now) with such heavy swing weights opens me up to other feel pitfalls in the rest of the bag, or just what your general thoughts are on it. Thanks in advance, love your content, keep it up.

  8. Love your videos. I bought all the equipment and I’ve been rebuilding clubs as a hobby for the past 8 mos. I’be been watching you, the TXG guys and Ryan Barath among others and have learned a ton…thanks. I cut my driver shaft from 45.75 in to 44.5 in and switched from an 9.5* M4 to a Sim 10.5* head. Picked up 15 consistent yards and I’m definitely finding the middle of the club face more often. My swingweight is down to C-5.9…my irons at at D-2, wedges at D-5 and my hybrid and 3 wood are at D-4? I’ve tested with lead tape in the driver and hit it great at about D-2. What I’m wondering is the best way to add the weight back. Should I do it all with hotmelt or should I take the sleeve off and add a tip weight and then round it out with hotmelt. My concern is once I add the hotmelt, I can’t change it back or adjust it like I could by changing til weights, etc. Thoughts?

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