Left Shoulder Movement In The Golf Swing Pros Vs Ams (2022)

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In this video, you'll learn the secret to moving the left shoulder properly in the golf swing that produces more power and consistency. When you do this correctly, your backswing stays on plane and you shallow the golf club easier on the downswing. Often the biggest difference between pro golfers and amateurs is how they move the left shoulder.

Maintaining tilt not only during the backswing but also the downswing is key to becoming a good ball-striker. This starts with a good takeaway and performing good rotation throughout the golf swing. You achieve both of these easier when you move the left shoulder the right way. Practice these tips and enjoy making a better golf swing and shooting lower scores.


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Hitting It Solid Golf says:

🔴 Thanks for watching. What do you like best about this left shoulder move and is there anything about it you don't understand? Let me know in the comments below 👇

Eric Shields says:

Well done, it's only recently I've come to realize that my whole golf game is rubbish and I now have to get used to moving my weight forward, when I do it correctly the ball flies effortlessly. Thank you for the lesson.

Robster says:

Great insight and explanation. Took it to the course and wow what a difference. Thanks for showing me the way.

steve perry says:

i know this is gonna help, thnx. a good swing thought and move.

Bill Allen says:

What a fantastic explanation 👏
I am so upset with previous teachers that neglected this incredible move! Thank you so much! Bill
Milton Ontario Canada

Paul Vargas says:

Probably your best visual presentation here I definitely learned something especially the shoulder away from chin in downswing. Thank you for sharing your game

Jack Sobkovich says:

The amateur swing you demonstrated illustrated to me all the reasons why I am having trouble getting through the ball and ending up hitting thin and inconsistent shots. Thanks so much.

Derry_gerry says:

Just found this teacher 👍

Derry_gerry says:

Love the birds ❤️

Rich C says:

This is the first time I have ever heard anyone talk about moving the left shoulder away from the chin in the downswing. I have always wondered why I felt so awkward and now I see the reason why. So far I have only rehearsed that move indoors since watching the video yesterday and it feels much more comfortable. I will work on that at the range today. Your instruction is so easy to listen to and follow as it all comes across in such a calm manner. Excellent in my opinion. Thank you.

Tim BEAUMONT says:

Well done Troy! Great clear presentation. Explanations were well paced and practical. What's the blue shafted club I have seen in your videos Cheers

John Koval says:

Good swing thoughts relative to the left shoulder. Is it the recentering motion that pulls the shoulder away from the chin during the downswing?

Joel Brooks says:

Troy. As always, this is great information. The way you defined the principle of "stacking" will benefit me greatly moving forward. I now understand that ball compression is mostly about proper anatomical alignment. No more "hanging back." Thanks.

Roman 1983 says:

Outstanding explanation. I am new here from Florida. Your explanations are very detailed and easier to understand by going step by step

Keith Lithander says:

Where would you recommend I get that golf mat and back drop. I like the one you have.

Jigar Patel says:

Thanks for the awesome videos. Out of all the videos on YouTube, I feel like I can relate to yours the most. I believe I am lift my left shoulder too early like you mentioned in this video. Can you please take a look:


J Grudenic's Trumpet says:

No wonder I stand up in my back swing, great video, thank you.

E. G. Flores says:

Thank you, i was having this problem with just an arm swing and not finishing my turn due to my shoulder coming up causing bad shots. After working on this, there has been a great improvemet, thanks again.

maxwired 223 says:

So how does this relate to impact where your hips and shoulders are open to the target line.?

Julie Rader says:

I will try this!!

Lenard Tan says:

Great video

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