NEVER SWEEP your FAIRWAY WOODS…New technique! #golf #golfswing #golftips #golfcoach #golftip #tip

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nitsud84 says:

Remember what Tiger said when asked how should an amateur get better at golf. STOP WATCHING FUCKING YOUTUBE VIDEOS

Morgan Lambert says:

Yeeeeeeikes that audio is awful

Danshou says:

Bro you need a new mic and then you need to stop screaming into it. You are welcome.

TheTrueMac says:

proceeds to hit it 182yds

Andy Strap says:

What is sweeping the club away?

mack says:

Hit down on the ball.

Dennis Kerner says:

Just hit the ball. 90% of players that overthink. Slice or hook their shot, by overthinking

Doug Dean says:

I enjoy your videos and in particular how your swing doesn’t change if it’s driver or irons excluding those requiring less than full swing.

SK88RR5 says:

golf is just one massive pyramid scheme to try and sell self help tips and videos

Cody Johnson says:

“Split the ball in half, and that’s where you should scratch the ground with the bottom of your club.” Look, the range of my accuracy is about a foot, not half a golf ball. 😂

RR says:

you play a 10 hour round with all those practice swings for 1 shot? lol

Als cannabis kitchen #1 says:

I hit down with my woods. Get more distance

SkyStrikeGaming says:

This is so false. Flat shoulders middle of stance.

John Sheldon says:

Let me just simplify this for everyone. Pretend it's a long-shafted 6 iron. That is all.

Right Uppercut says:

You have a very annoying voice. Did anyone ever tell you that before? Couldn’t even finish this short.

Lori Meyers says:

Lol, I always rip my fairway woods. And irons. And wedges. And then put a ball in front of me and forget it.

Luke F says:

Pretty much just hit my woods into the woods and pray a tree gives me a lucky bounce😂😂

Krishna1 Surujdeo1 says:

Treat it as a long iron basically

Nolan Buddy says:

You need a new microphone my guy

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