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안지환 says:

I have been satisfied with 714 ap2 long time… & the only iron I would like to buy is mp18 mmc…

Kyle Kramer says:

Rick would rather bag ugly ass pings that he could barely hit over something that may not look the best but play better.

Maximiliano Castellanos says:

Honestly rick plays blades irons to help his ego. All though she should probably game the sc irons.

Stephen Harte says:

I just got fitted into the MP 18 range. 5,6,7 MMC, 8,9,PW MP 18 blade. Rick's correct that the MMC is 'harder' than the MMC. My experience – a well struck MP 18 blade 10/10 in softness; a well struck MMC 8.5 in softness. So not good, but nowhere near as firm as a game improvment iron in my experience – others may disagree.

I currently game Srixon Z745 and my the MMC felt softer than those. What also struck me was stopping power – good height leading to good spin with a smash factor of 1.42, so not a 'floaty' flight. Great club that I thought wouldn't suit me – I thought I would blend SC and Blade, but this could not stay out of my set given the looks, performance, and feel (my top 3 priorities when buying any clubs).

What i would say to any golfer is – do not be afraid to try the full set, including the blades. I am an 8 handicapper but i would describe myself as an 8 handicap driver; 3 handicap iron player; 18 handicap chipper; 8 handicap putter. So, my strengths generally are my irons, my weakness my short game. That's why Ive blended with the blades in the scoring clubs as using an old set of Mizuno MP 60's I bought in 2008 at the weekend, my sort game around the green increased hugely due to thinner sole and better feel for each chip shot.

Daniel W says:

How do these compare to the mp25 in the forgiveness category

David Ball says:

I'd be very interested in a review of the MP-18 FliHi

Edward Lin says:

Where is the Fli-Hi review?

DITLOW says:

what makes the mmc more expensive than the sc? and is the mmc suitable for a higher handicapper?

Mil Sneler says:

The only unbiased way to test irons is to hook them up to a machine that would hit every one exactly the same, instead of person hitting the ball with all the inconsistencies.

Jacob Weigand says:

Rick, I don't know why you are so concerned with feel. Look is very important in how you hit a club, but I would take consistency over feel. PING irons of course are not forged, relatively soft but not forged soft, but they look so nice and play so nice I think it is worth it to have the consistency over the "butter soft" feel. Not just for PING irons. If I were you I would be playing these over the blades.

Glenn Norman says:

Any Fli Hi review? Comparisons would be good, say vs AP2, JPX 900 Forged.

mackayr449 says:

How do these compare to the MP-15's?

Pom pom says:

wish you could review some of the japanese iron and driver e.g Honma Romaro epon Ryoma jbeam etc…..

Russells Channel says:

Hey guys in a bit of a situation here.. can anyone tell me what the most forgiving Taylormade 700 series iron is? As in like most control/overall feel for someone who isn't quite pro? Or around a 7 index?

Henrik Østergaard says:

Are you shutting the chanel down Rick? Not much Contend as of late. Keep coming back to find noting but a few club reviews.

Rhys Lewis says:

Please do a vlog at Astbury golf club in congleton, Cheshire!

William Stuart Seymour WELLS says:

Watch the unlucky golf video on my channel! Unbelievable!

Chase Dika says:

Hey Rick, have you hit the MCC fli-hi irons yet?

bryce neal says:

Review the krank golf driver

McLeod750 says:

How does this iron compare to the JPX Hot Metal / Forged? Anybody tested?

Stiaan Heymans YT says:

Hi Rick! Im preparing for my first golf tournament! What preparation sould I do.(i have school???)

Keith Finley says:

Ah Rick… you are in such great ballstriking form. Get out and score!

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