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Rick Shiels Golf says:

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Francis Evangelista says:

What shoes are those?!

Joe Perez says:

The "ribbed" look on the bottom has a nice look to it, but does TM say it does anything? Ever since the Bubble Burner shaft propaganda of 1998, anything TM does that they claim is innovative, I take with a grain of salt, until proven to me (and I do love their drivers). Not sure I'd like the hard feel. Not forged???

Brandon Vella says:

Is this a new camera Rick, because the quality looks great, better than before

David Hendricks says:

Taylormade is just mass produced crap

MrKapeji says:

Does the fact they are made of carbon steel mean they are not forged? I would doubt that they are cast as carbon steel is used for forged tools all the time, cast steel is just that, cast, you wouldn't normally define it as a carbon steel. Just going by knowledge of tools etc though rather than golf club label definitions.

Orla Boyle says:

Good statements on the club Rick, good review and honest

Mike Lee says:

Beautiful looking clubs ?

David Guckian says:

One Year On Challenge: Play a course that you played exactly a year ago where you accurately recorded a score, and try beat that score with reward/punishment for doing so/not doing so. Would help see where you've progressed and what you still need to work on!

David Boddy says:

Look good, but won't compete with Mizuno

Andrew Koutalakis says:

If you can't get both performance and soft feel, which characterstic is more important? Are you able to enjoy the game more with a softer wedge that's less consistent or a harder wedge that performs consistently well?

Eric Lemus says:

Jordan I Spikes???

Angeline Mapua says:

Vokey all the way!

Tony Leigh says:

Thanks, Rick. They actually sound a bit hard too…

Kyle Corrigan says:

Why would you want to advertise using a machine to build wedges? All that advertises is the low quality clubs that taylormade is making. All taylormade clubs are made to this quality and feel that way when you hit them, they feel like crap really.

Kobe Tucker says:

Your Quest golf buddy Pete Finch go your Logo Quest Golf stamped into the head of one of these bad boys

danthemanwhocancan says:

The Milled Grind logo is where you apply your strip of lead tape

Wanheda says:

I think the reason it feels much softer around the green is because you are feeling more of the softness of the ball on those shots. On the longer shots you are starting to feel less of the ball and more of the club. Just a guess really.

R Owens says:

I agree with your comment about the blocky lettering scheme of the "MILLED GRIND".  Looks similar to the style used to stamp your name on them.  Callaway had a similar lettering on their "MD3 MILLED" wedges, but it was a slightly different font, so it looked better.

Campion says:

Production has been wayyyyy up recently Rick. Cheers

Chris I says:

I'm not seeing much in the way of face milling other than the face grooves on these TM's. My Cleveland wedges have some fine overmilling that is almost a rasp-like surface that really grips into the ball surface. I'd say mine appear to provide a lot more spin with less effort. These faces look rather slick in comparison.

BF golf says:

they look nice but think I'll stick with my vokeys. not sure I'm ready for whizzy feel

Chris L says:

ribbed for her pleasure

John Parker says:

You know what glare is worse then off a 60 degree wedge?

Those shoes

Strad 4321 says:

10 to 14 degrees on the standard bounce due to tolerance? And this is "precision" milled? LOL

Adam Stoutjesdyk says:

People who hate on carbon steel wedges are morons. They last longer than forged wedges and feel very similar

Life With Lee says:

You should find a way to review the bombtech wedges. 3 wedges for $99. I would love to hear if you think that is the best value out there when you compare price to performance. I have heard pretty good things about them, but I trust your reviews!

Thomas Rodriguez says:

Hey rick, could you do a video of the Callaway PM Mack Daddy wedges? Would be highly appreciated!!!

Zachary Milos says:

Review the Cobra PUR wedges please!

Colin Selfridge says:

I have the TM older model tour preferred wedges in 52 & 58 and love them for chipping but find difficult to consistently hit accurate full shots

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