New Titleist T400 Irons | First Look | PGA Merchandise Show 2020

2nd Swing caught up with Titleist Vice President of Marketing for Golf Clubs Josh Talge at the 2020 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Florida to get a first look at the new #Titleist #T400 #irons. The new T400 irons are a super game-improvement offering from Titleist that were created for players with slower and moderate swing speeds who need help generating higher launch and more distance. They also feature significant #tungsten weighting to increase #MOI, while a wide-body design offers #forgiveness on mis-hits.

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6 thoughts on “New Titleist T400 Irons | First Look | PGA Merchandise Show 2020

  1. Looks similar to the TM P790, which isnt a bad thing. The no. on the club only matters to the owner as club selection is as important as execution, as I am learning. My Apex iron is 1 down from my V6s and its more forgiving but I still prefer the V6 when hitting well.
    Put rescues in the mix and the bag starts to look colourful with mix and match..

  2. Forget the number stamped on the club. The shorter the shaft the more accurate. So stronger lofts on shorter shafts is just smart. Can’t wait to see these and try them out. Ingenious idea……

  3. I hear many people commenting how strong lofted these are… but how many times during play does one question going to a lower club to “get over that big ass bunker in front of the green” or “I need to go to a lower club to carry the water” or “ damn this wind is strong so I need to go 2 clubs down to get it on the green”.
    Well folks.. I’m a 15 handicap and yes I’m getting older (46 in June) and my swing is not as fast as it was (yes I control my ego) so I think titleist is trying to help out many golfers out there that fall in the line of thinking i do.
    I mean how many times do your buddies laugh when you pull a 7 or 8 iron at 150 yards when they hit 9 irons (yes this happens to me).
    Im tired of trying to swing so hard all the time
    Im tired of going down a few clubs to carry the water
    Im tired of going down a few clubs to fight the wind.
    So yes I’m thrilled with getting these clubs soon

  4. 7 iron which goes 180 yards – just results in big gaps between wedges and irons – you now need 2 bridge wedges between your gap wedge and 9 iron. Just a marketing ploy to make you buy gap wedges to match the iron set from the same manufacturer

  5. Maybe these are not for me but for someone who needs the help or when I get in my seventies
    or eighties these would be great who cares what the loft is. I don’t scoff at these types of irons anymore because they are not made for me at least not yet.

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