Titleist TSi Driver vs TS Driver Comparison | Titleist Golf Drivers Review

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The new Titleist TSi drivers, the Titleist TSi2 and TSi3, feature new shapes and new faces to drive performance off the tee for golfers. In this video, 2nd Swing's Thomas Campbell and Drew Mahowald compare the Titleist TSi drivers to the prior-generation Titleist TS drivers (TS2 and TS3) using Trackman technology.

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Chester says:

Great review on four good drivers. As usual, Thomas showing off with his robotic swing.

g t says:

Very nice review, well done. I changed last 2 years 5 drivers and the last was TS2. my best so far and by far from the others.

MidLifeBiker says:

I just dont like the plain black and elongated butt of the TS2 despite the numbers..

Sam Chisholm says:

TS2 has never won anything in its life so out of the box in that first round it's pretty solid. Just imagine if you got 2mph clubhead speed on it to match the TSi3. Just goes to show the importance of the shaft.

Be TheBall says:

So save $200 and buy last year's model. Numbers are pretty much identical.

NYC Person says:

I expected a lower spin on TSi3, which is a bit disappointing.

Tinus Nel says:

Awesome review as always! Don’t think you will see any difference on the course between all 4. Maybe comes down to the launch you like to see, aesthetics & sound?

Darren bell says:

Didn't think i would ever replace my ts3 but i had a fitting yesterday and the tsi3 is the best looking driver i have ever seen. It's only 6/7 longer than my ts3 but it looks and sounds so much nicer. The forgivness is higher on the tsi3 for sure and it had me sold after around 15 minutes into the fitting process

KeenCrafting says:

I've already been fitted for the TSi2 and it was such an easy process! Not only a beautiful club but a dream to hit!
They're gonna sell a lot of those things!

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