Titleist 913 D3 vs Taylor Made R11 Driver Comparison

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mrjamesgrimes says:

You look like you pound the ball… I bet you could really hustle some people with those cargo shorts..

theMANxGOLFER says:

After some study I like more how the right leg comes down to relieve stress from my knee when I swing. When I swing with the right foot down I have trouble transitioning in a way to make a consistent turn onto my front side.

theMANxGOLFER says:

They look pretty different from address. G25 is much bigger from the top. The obvious recommendation is to demo both. G25 launches higher for me so if launching the ball is an issue G25 is the pick. I recommend also demoing a 913 D2. Fitter should help with shaft options and loft. Titleist has kept me in play on shots off the center. Misses high on the face still get out there. Robot tests show the G25 performs well on mis-hits low on the face both in distance and accuracy.

max p says:

I'm on the golf team at my school. I shoot low 90's high 80's. I have a pretty bad slice and I want to get a new driver. I have been looking at the ping g25 and the titleist 913d3. Any help

Bennett Kisla says:

Awesome video

theMANxGOLFER says:

No extra irons. Sorry.

Zack Byers says:

mxg do you have any other sets of irons that you may want to sell i am left handed too and i am look for new irons just let me know thanks. Check out some off my vids .

westonp80 says:

or just change the title of your vid…

theMANxGOLFER says:

In the end I should have made 2 videos. One to compare shafts and another for just the heads. My buddy makes the beats and I want to promote his music or at least get more people to listen to them. This was definitely not my most efficient video. Thanks for checking it out sorry it wasn't what you expected.

westonp80 says:

dude is full of himself. the music, endless footage hitting, and nonesense. Love how it takes almost 19min to compare 2 driver heads…

Matt Hallam says:

Like the info my ball speed is around 170 and have similar tendancies. Never considered speeder Yrt. I heard it should be easier for me as I am a lot smother a swinger than you. And speeders compliment smooth transitions as ive read. You should try house of forged Jamie sadowski have it in my r11s and it is a awesome shaft

Rowan Brasier says:

@Legit Prowler haha fuck off you major bellend. If that pisses you off you need to get a grip of your life.

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