NEW VS OLD: Ping i530 vs i525 irons – which comes out on top?

In this video we review the new Ping i530 irons looking at the on course performance as well as the data they produced.

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Thanks for watching this review of the Ping i530 Irons.

12 thoughts on “NEW VS OLD: Ping i530 vs i525 irons – which comes out on top?

  1. You hit that on a simulator. Off a matt. Which is not actually representative of what happens off of grass, and simulators are renowned for over rating low spin pulls. Not sure why you staggered iron numbers between the two. Comparing the same iron number seems like a much more obvious and logical approach.

  2. As others have pointed out there is a loft gap between comparable irons of the i530 and i525 which explains the differences in carry distances (at least in part).

    As for spin, without knowing what Georgina's spin rate would be with other brands it is difficult to assess but the 7i has the same loft as my 6i goes roughly the same distance but spins roughly 500 rpm less than I see (I play i210s) and I am not a high spin player.

    Overall I think this is a big cosmetic improvement over the i525 but probably not really a performance upgrade.

  3. The 530s seem to have gaps of about 1-1/2 yards per club, while the 525s may be 13 yards (hard to tell only seeing one 2-clug gap).

    Ping had a problem with unpredictable distances with the i500 and claimed to address that with the i525. With that very long shot on a pull, has that issue come back with the i530?

  4. To answer your question, I'd never pay more that $650 U.S. for 4 iron-gap wedge. For that I can get a custom built set of forged irons with graphite shafts and Lamkin grips. Sadly, I've heard they're not available to the UK. Fortunately, Pings have good resale value. So if you find the i230's unplayable for you, you won't be out too much money.

  5. Keep in mind Georgina is a +2 hcp. She can hit any irons well. These irons are aimed at the purer ball strikers. The average inconsistent golfer would probably have a miserable time and find them very unforgiving. Stick with the G series of irons if you're a mid-high hcp player. I say this from using a very trusted resource that analyses club data.

  6. I just came to watch the actual hitting of the irons and for your conclusions. I don't need to see you hitting drivers, chipping, or putting, but others may. Time is valuable. It's too bad that you didn't have similar irons in both models, so that you could hit 7 iron vs. 7 iron, etc.. The i530 are stronger lofted than the i525, so it stands to reason that they should go 3 or 4 yards further. I also would have been nice to see what the spin difference, launch angle, height, and ball speed were between similarly numbered irons from the two models (given that there is a loft difference). Regardless, thanks for your video. Just suggestions as to how I think you might improve your videos, but for others your videos may be perfect already.

  7. People just wanna play golf, shoot decent scores and get away for a several hours. Lessons make our game better. I’m sure Ping has produced a nice game improvement iron.

  8. I know I keep whining about the lack of captions on your videos. But I do rely on them and I enjoy your videos once you switch captions on. You asked me to be patient and said the captions should appear within a short period of time once the video is posted. Today I’m seeing your videos without captions posted today, 11 days ago and 3 weeks ago ???? Can you please switch on captions for those of us who rely on them? The other golf posts I follow appear with captions live immediately so I don’t understand why it takes so long for your videos. ????‍♂️ Thanks ????

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