The BEST Driver In Golf Right Now… CHEAPER THAN MOST?

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The BEST Driver In Golf Right Now… CHEAPER THAN MOST? When testing which driver is the best driver of 2023 often you may want to think about what is the longest driver of 2023? the most forgiving driver of 2023? and even the best budget driver of 2023…. the best budget golf clubs could come from all locations, the best golf clubs on eBay, the best costco golf clubs, the best Facebook market place golf clubs and even the best gumtree golf clubs. With releases such as the TaylorMade Stealth 2 driver, the Callaway Paradym driver, the Cobra Aerojet driver, Ping G430 driver and even the new pig driver… what if I told you none of these are the best driver of 2023? the best golf clubs of 2023 could well be this…


Mike Lanzo says:

$100 does not cover the endless jokes that will come your way for dropping that kind of $$ on a Wilson.

David McDermott says:

James, you need to look at Haywood. My new woods are incredible, but only driver and 3 wood currently.

Mark Elliott says:

I was fitted for the Wilson titanium, I tried all the big name ones and the carbon one but the titanium gave me the better figures

Mike Cross says:

I'd like to see you play 18 holes with complete bag of Wilson's and then tours edge complete bag.

Robbie Dix says:

I have a Ping G30 which i bought new. I would like to see a carbon faced driver in 15 years with continual use. Not all of us can afford new drivers (clubs) every year. Cheers from South Africa.

al Belford says:

I was in the market for a new driver and tried all the "big" brands, went to the Wilson factory for a fitting and plumped for the titanium. Perfoms fantastically well and doesn't get out shone from any other brand. So glad i gave them a try

Roger Lindgren says:

Aren't all modern drivers quite similar in performance? In the end, it all comes down to getting the best shaft for you.

ybach64 says:

I would agree the Wilson has out stealthed the Stealth.

John Melton says:

I think Liam should try swinging the Dynapower and D9 Forged irons!

Ray Bearded OBrien says:

What is this pig driver in the description πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Jerry Silverstein says:

You should test the pxg drivers, such as 0211 is on sale 199 and regular price is still 200 less than the dynapower carbon. The gen 6 is the same price.

Don Armstrong says:

Wilson over priced and stealth 2 face popping off so both are over priced

Robert Powell says:

Did James not get fit for the stealth driver making this a slightly unfair test?

Ben Doran says:

I’m not entirely sure what 499 pounds is in CAD, but in CAD after taxes and such it’s about $850-$900 🀒

Bluetoughguy says:

My wife has the dynapower and smokes it! She has the normal Titanium version.

Steve Leak says:

Neither anywhere close to the pxg gen5 at Β£299 no contest

Christian Kell says:

I truly like the simplicity of the Wilson over the flash of the Taylormade. I believe I would be team Wilson all day long this year…even their irons are very nice also.

ruggerboy says:

Also the Wilson's face won't fall off half way through a round

John Eccles says:

Control ability should come into it

The Standard Manual says:

Stealth 2 face will pop off πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Monte Gustafson says:

IMHO the Wilson Cortex Driver from 3-4 years ago is the better of the two Wilson Clubs. Designed something like the Taylormade M1 with two adjustable weights, an adjustable slide weight and adjustable hosel/loft. Has a carbon crown too, and it's beautiful clubhead! Can still get them for around $200 USD or less, makes them worth looking into (I have one…..).

bigbazza says:

I've hit the Wilson dynapower carbon driver personally I find it out performs all the new drivers out apart from the cobra areojet LS Driver

bigbazza says:

Why haven't you tested all the top drivers against the PXG's

Dan Chase says:

I hit some of the most expensive drivers for a fitting and then got a Cobra Aerojet LS in my hands. The confidence I had with the driver was amazing and I was getting 15-20 additional carry out of it over everything. With bad golfers like myself, the confidence of hitting a club is a big deal and for some reason the Cobra just felt perfect.

Unfortunately Wilson is not carried at any of my local fitting facilities or I would have tried the driver. I still use the Wilson Ci9 irons that are over 10 years old. I want to get the Wilson D9 forged irons as an upgrade, but I can't test them out anywhere.

Lexx White says:

If it's a driver that a person wants to test and they get on with it, that hundred quid could be a couple of green fees, a couple of lessons, a bunch of balls, whatever you like really.

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